Easy DIY curtains–Tuscan Style

Alright, for those wanting to make something similar to the curtains I showed you in this picture, here you go!

blog rustic tuscan master bedroom

I bought my fabric using a 50%  off coupon (always Google the fabric store and coupon, you can usually just print off a great coupon right away!) Actually, I think this was already marked 50% off so I just bought it. (but I normally always use a coupon)

I measured out how many inches from top to bottom I would need and added 3” extra for the hem on top and 5” extra for the hem on the bottom.  The hems not only gives the curtain nice weight on the bottom, it will just look cheap if you try to skimp on the bottom hem. 

Since my fabric could unravel quite easily I did use my sewing machine just along the fraying side in a zig zag stich to keep the frayed ends together.

new house 006

Not only is my sewing machine ancient, I am definitely not a good seamstress!  (so don’t look too closely)

new house 007

I bought some iron-on adhesive tape.  (like Stich Witchery)

You can cut pieces of the adhesive in advance according to length of the hem for quick placement.

new house 011

new house 012

Once you have placed them in the hem pocket (I would pre-iron the hem amount) just take a damp clothe and put it over the area that you have the tape in!  Hold down for a few seconds (you can hear it sizzle) and move to the next spot.

new house 013

VOILA!!  You now have pretty curtains!!  I liked the master bedroom curtains so much I went back and bought more fabric and made some for the master bathroom.  You can buy the rods and the clips almost anywhere but I bought mine at Home Depot. 

curtain 001

Hope that inspired some of you to give iron on hemming a shot!

Linking up to YHL - their new book shows Sherry's no sew curtains just like this :-)

~ Creative Juices Decor~

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  1. One of my favorite words is "Tuscan" but I recently bought a trailer home. I thought it would always look like a trailer home, until I saw your living room, dining room and your bedroom. Bee-u-ti-ful!! so do-able! as so like my Tuscan dream. Thank you, thank you. I am going to get to work to have it done by Christmas!

  2. The curtain styles information is totally up to date


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