From Baby to Big Girl. Re-Purposing Furniture to Meet your Need.

Today’s post is just about my 4 year old daughter’s “changing” table I bought 2nd hand off Craigslist.  She obviously doesn’t use the changing table any more (or let’s hope not!) so I had to think how I could change it to meet her needs now. 

changing table sylloette 001

I normally don’t allow a lot of TV during the day but I am a pretty big fan of classic Disney Movies (the old ones!).  We had an extra TV and an old VIDEO player so I turned this changing table into a movie station.  (just drilled a hole in the back for the cords!)

I can buy the great Disney classics between .75 ¢ – $1.50 at almost any thrift store so I have fun stocking up. .

Since her “big girl" room has changed from a light wood to white I knew I wanted to spray paint the unit.  I bought a dual primer/paint from Wal-mart for $5.00 a can.  I used 4 cans!  I could have used a brush and paint but I wanted super easy so that’s how I’m justifying the $20.00 spent on paint!  (it WAS super easy and only took about 25 minutes of spraying time.  I did 3 coats)

changing table sylloette 004

To add some personality to the unit I just bought 4 pieces of scrapbook paper ($2.50) and used a glue and water mixture to “decoupage” it to the back.  (the glue/water mixture went under and over the paper) I also “aged” the edges because I like anything that looks aged a little.  It’s just personal preference, some might wonder why in the world I made it look dirty in the corners!  (it’s just brown paint with glaze)

changing table sylloette 008

Once all my paint dried for 24 hours I did spray it with a clear top coat since I had some extra in my garage (free) It was a water based clear top coat and I know my paint was oil based.  The white DID turn a little yellow in some spots and I’m not quite sure why, but it might be because I mixed the oil with water bases.  Just be sure to ask your salesman helping you what top coat to use that will NOT turn it yellow.  For me, since I obviously like things that look aged, it didn’t ruin the piece for me (just bothered me a bit because I wasn’t trying to do that!)

I was going to go to the local hardware store and look for fun pink knobs but I realized for all the time it was going to take to check out different looks I could just check on eBay and have it shipped directly to my door.  I LOVE eBay and a lot of times I can get the stuff I want for cheaper than the store.

I bought these two knobs for $7.50 (total w/shipping)

SO after spending $30.00 I now have this new matching updated unit for her room.  I think it was $ well spent.  Do you like it? 

I made this child silhouette art to match it!  It was super easy and cost me a dollar! So if you haven’t seen it yet go check it out!  You’ll be glad you did!



Linking up to YHL - tip #1 is using wallpaper (or any paper!) on the back of bookcases (or furniture)


  1. Selina, the repurposed changing table turned out fantastic! The scrapbook paper was such a neat idea and I love the character it adds!

  2. Wow, 25 minutes of spraying time is amazing! I love the transformation.


  3. I love both of these projects. I have been wanting to do the silhouette picture thing for ages but still not got around to it and as for the unit that is fab. I too still have one of those in my sons room but esentially the draws are being used for clothes, the cupboards for toys and the top surface for whatever he's playing with at the time (he's six now lol) Hubby keeps saying would i be able to make more use of it in my craft/spare room and i probably would but we don't have heaps of room so for now it'll stay where it is but you did a great job :)

  4. Very nice! I love the pink/white paper effect too. It's nice to know I'm not the only one with a VCR and a Disney video tape collection. We bought them all as our kids were growing up so I have almost the whole collection and I've kept them because as you said they would only sell for a few quarters.

  5. I bet she's thrilled with the outcome!


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