House Tour part SIX–the Downstairs

I saved the best for last!  OK, I really didn’t do that.  The downstairs is pretty much my husbands, along with the garage.  It will have his arcade games, his big TV, his office and the leather couch he picked out. 

I suppose I get to add a little decorating flair to it, put really, it’s his.  Smile He plans to add a pool table at some point in time.

But I can’t just skip it so here it is!!!

blog rustic tuscan downstairs

blog rustic tuscan downstairs 1

Pool table some day (area)

blog rustic tuscan downstairs 2

Area for his “games”

blog rustic tuscan downstairs game center

I guess his office is pretty cool, but I think it’s because I did American clay in it Winking smile

blog rustic tuscan office


I finished decorating it!!! Here are some AFTER photos and to see the entire post please see



That is it for the official HOME TOUR!  Next, I’ll start all the decorating and start showing you some fun stuff!

Be sure and check out Tour # 1-5 if you missed any!  Just enter House Tour in the search box Smile

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  1. What a fun space that will be! I would LOVE a space like this that I could turn over to my hero husband. Then he could leave the rest of the spaces to me. :)


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