Thrift Store Specials–Birds, Leaf Plates and More

I know,  I banned myself from thrift stores but I guess it’s like saying I’ll go off chocolate forever……you just crave it too much to quit – ha!

I snuck back in yesterday and thought it would be fun to show you what I got. 

Bargains + Shopping = Fun for ALL!

These heavy birds were so cute!  The big one had a price tag of $32.00 from whatever store they were originally bought.  I got both birds for $7.00.

bird 7.00

I found a good place for them which always makes me happy Smile  (verses no spot for them and my husband starts to believe I am a thrift store hoarder) 

bird 7

I really thought this leaf plate was pretty.  It’s actually quite big (about 10” by 12”) and it’s by Hull Pottery which is selling on eBay for around $20.00.  I got this for $7.50. 

hull potery leaf 7.50

These small little pumpkin plates were just too cute to pass up (right??) Open-mouthed smile  At least at $1.50 for both they were.

pumpkin plates 1.50

And last but not least, I found this pretty turquoise bracelet for $2.00.  Isn’t it fun!!!

tourquise metal 2

touquoise 2

Can you see why I just can’t keep away from my little thrift shop???


Thanks for stopping by and letting me show you what I found – dare I say till my next thrift store shopping trip???  Smile

Selina   ~CreativeJuicesDecor~


  1. All great pieces! The blogging world has inspired me to stop by some local thrift shops lately, so far I haven't made any great finds, but if I keep going I'm sure eventually I'll find some great items.

  2. Ya, you know the trick is going to the thrift store a lot (once a week or so) and not feeling bad when you leave and don’t get anything. A lot of times there is just JUNK there and I have to leave without getting anything, but it’s when you do find fun things that you get all excited and write blog posts about them – ha!

  3. I know what you mean! I volunteer at our local thrift store and when my shift is done, I spend a bit of time looking over all the items and end up bringing stuff home! A woman walked in the other day and got a brand new, tags still on spring dress for $4!! It was lovely! Yes, there is also a lot of junk but when you find a treasure, you can't help but feel happy! Those finds are sweet.

  4. Just between you and me :-) I always thought it would be a dream job to work at a thrift store!! Maybe one day I'll volunteer at one. Just think of all the treasures I could come home with - hee,hee


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