Disneyland and Sea World–San Diego!

I JUST got home from our trip to San Diego.  I was gone 10 days!!  Now back to the cold state of Idaho.
Honestly, I think I could have 5 posts on just this one trip but since this is supposed to be a design blog, not a vacation blog,  I’ll try to condense it down to one!

I believe this is the first picture ever of my husband on this blog!  He matches Tigger so nicely, he planned his outfit well. :-)  He actually doesn’t like it when I post family pictures…..I feel a little bad but I think it may just be too late.....

blog disneyland tigger

One of the reasons we went on this trip was I had a friend who said if I would show them how to apply the American Clay to their own home they would buy two plane tickets and get us a rental car.  With that extra little boost, we made it a family vacation! 

I’ll post what I did to their master bedroom on a different post, but it really turned out beautifully. 
 (sneak peek!)

blog san diego bedroom

The trip started out with just me and my daughter so that by the time the rest of the family came, I’d be done with all the design work and we could start our fun!.  I was special to have that one on one time with my youngest.  It was the first plane ride she was old enough to remember.

Introducing her to Starbucks early Smile (No, I didn’t give her coffee!)
blog disneyland plane

First stop – SEA WORLD! 

blog seaworld starfish

They actually LOVED the tide pool place where they could touch the starfish and the sea anemone.

blog sea world

My youngest who is frequently called Bug a Boonie (by myself) pushed the limits as to how far she could reach without falling in…..I was worried, but obviously, not worried enough to stop taking pictures!

blog seaworld k

I guess I wasn’t the only one worried, sometimes my eldest daughter seems more responsible than myself Smile

blog seaworld looking at starfish

Next stop – Disneyland!  It was so great, all the lines were super short (20 min max!) so we just went on ride after ride. 

blog disneyland cinderella

My son was so embarrassed that I made him take his picture with Cinderella.  I bet in 10 years he’ll cut out just him and her and frame this picture…..it’s all a matter of time before Cinderella becomes very, very cool. Winking smile

We can’t forget Mickey and Minnie!
blog disneyland micky

The weather was very nice while we were there, not overly hot, just pleasant. 
blog disneyland

That’s it!  I’ll post the design work I did soon!!   Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I LOVE San Diego, and SeaWorld and Disneyland. You just never grow too old for a visit. And 10 days of vacation anywhere is awesome!

  2. That looks heavenly. Lovely pictures and I'm so glad you had a good time! Let's plan a girl's night soon. Welcome home!

  3. How awesome that you were able to make a family vacation out of a work trip! Looks like you guys had a blast.

    I'd love to feature your trip on our San Diego-based site. Email me for details!

    shondra (at) dwellable (d0t) com



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