Fun Mikasa “Poppies” Plates!

What do you think of these plates??!!!  Are you sighing like I am??  They are Mikasa plates from the Poppies Collection.

mikasa poppies stoneware plates 045

They had JUST come in at Costco and didn’t even have a display set out yet so I  took it upon myself to start the display set and undid a box (OK, only part of a box, and when one of the Costco workers came around the corner, I pretended I hadn’t touched anything and was looking at a different item a few feet away.  He just looked at the dissembled box, shook his head and continued to nicely lay it all out so wacked out people like me could see what prettiness lies under the box!) 

mikasa poppies stoneware plates 053

I justified my purchase by the fact that the night before, my spastic wonderful dog came up to do his normal “licking of the plates” routine in the dishwasher while I did the dishes and his collar caught on part of the dishwasher and the noise FREAKED him out so he literally JUMPED up and down (while still attached to the dishwasher rack) while I just stood there helpless watching my dishes go flying every which way.  After about four giant FLOPS in which he took the entire rack all across the kitchen floor, (my dog’s pretty big) he freed himself and went on to enjoy his night……I just stared at my broken plates. 

God had a plan though. Smile  We JUST got back our yearly Costco kickback and it was just enough to buy this brand new table setting of eight!

Main Dinner Plate
mikasa poppies stoneware plates 005

Salad Plate
mikasa poppies stoneware plates 039

Tea Cup Plate (or Mug Plate, I don’t know what you call this plate!)
mikasa poppies stoneware plates 050

What do you think??  They are kind of “out there” and maybe a little bolder than my previous set but the colors look so nice with the house, I’m hoping they work……

(I just put these out on the table to take a picture and was too lazy to put out the silverware Smile )

mikasa poppies stoneware plates 056

I do worry about the stoneware because I still have young kids and I know they can chip, but for now, I think I’ll just try to enjoy them Smile

mikasa poppies stoneware plates 046

mikasa poppies stoneware plates 052

Did I take enough pictures of my new plates??? HA!  Maybe I should just hang a few plates on my wall – I seem to like them enough Winking smile

Selina ~ CreativeJuicesDecor~


  1. Love the plates! Muffins taste great on these. Trust me.

  2. Those plates are gorgeous! Thanks, Bobby... now I'm craving some white chocolate blueberry muffins :)


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