The Best Banana Pumpkin Bread– Healthy and EASY!

Oh this was really good!  I’ll admit, sometimes when I am trying to use healthier ingredients on a traditional bread I wonder how it will turn out but let me just tell you, you will NOT be disappointed.  My husband who tends to not like anything “healthy” told me “Wow, that tastes great!”

blog healthy banana pumpkin bread

I found this recipe (and modified it slightly) from The Purple Carrot 
This happens to be Dairy Free and (refined) Sugar Free

Ingredients: (for one loaf)
(I sprinkled coconut palm sugar on the top before baking, you could also use Sugar in the Raw, it forms a  yummy crystallization on top.)

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Mash bananas stir in all other wet ingredients.
  • In a separate bowl, mix together all dry ingredients
  • Add the dry mixture to the wet and stir
  • Pour into greased loaf pan and bake for approx. 65 minutes.  In the mini loaf pans I baked for about 55 minutes (I made a double batch)

That’s it!! Easy and a great way to use up those bananas!  It was so moist and I loved the texture the oats brought to the bread.  It reminded me of my FAVORITE wheat bread recipe, if you haven’t tried that yet, go over there and mark it for later.  It’s to DIE for!!!!

blog healthy pumpkin banana bread
If you use Pinterest, be sure and pin this for future reference  :-)

If you are wondering where to buy healthy ingredients for a good price these are my two favorite sites to buy from:

  • iherb (get $5.00 off your first order with this link)
  • vitacost (get $10.00 off your first order with this link)

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Fun Vintage and Eclectic Bedroom - Above Bed Art Using Old Windows

I have had this picture saved on my computer for over a year.  (Yes, before the days of Pinterest!) I never knew the source and I always feel bad posting photos on my blog without them. Well, today while I was having fun  looking over design blogs I stumbled upon the up close photo in the old window frame and followed a very fun trail to the original source!  So, I am going to re post this, and give credit to where credit is due!  Plus you guys will love looking over her store/blog.



                           All of her shop photos are amazing, I know you'll be inspired!

Every time I look at this picture and want to SWOON!  I’m not even sure what it is that I like so much but it’s just so fun!  I do love the mix of old with the new.  It looks so “hip” and “up to date” but you throw in old signs, birdcages, and stacked end tables and look whatcha got!

just cool.....
 from DomesticBliss.  

Now look closely at what is behind the hanging light.  See it? Now THAT is awesome and may just be my next project!  It’s an old window pane (looks like glass was taken out, or I bet smashed out!) and they stuck a large LOVERLY poster right behind it.  I’m picturing right now a cute candid picture of my kids. You can send in your photo to Costco to get a large poster for not too much money.  (A 20”x30” is 25.00 at my Costco)

Let’s see, what else do I like……  I love the variety of textures in the space, the varying heights of the accessories.  Can you see how this designer framed in the bed?  Lamp on the left side and high greenery on the right, your eye easily goes from the left side of the room to the right and back around to the left again.  It’s all these little hidden design elements that really make a room.  Sometimes, it’s fun to find a picture you love and then dissect it.  I think you’ll end up learning a lot about your taste and what you really like (or don’t like!)  If you haven’t had a chance to read my top 10 decorating tips stop on over, it’s full of fun info.

Since being inspired by the photo above (remember this is a re-post, kind of) I made a fun photo collage out of an old frame I bought for 2 bucks at a garage sale! Click the link to see where I ended up putting it and a tutorial how to do it yourself!

And if you missed this inspiration,  here is a tutorial on my blog how to make your own DIY framed art!


Till Next Time!!! 
~ Creative Juices Decor~

Summer Camping - Training for the Hunger Games

Every year my youngest daughter has her birthday on a camping trip.  

This year, as she turned five, she trained for.......

 The Hunger Games

Take that Katniss Everdeen!

When she had a chance to take a break from her vigorous training she opened her presents which included:

A Pink Guitar

A Bubble Gun

 And coloring books.

When it came time to preform, her stylist really made her stand out

But when the game was on, it was back to her training!  (We were just thankful she never shot the dog!)

Here's to a GREAT summer!!  Hope you have some fun trips planned!


Landscape Ideas–Hydrangeas and Peonies!

Good Morning! 

I had to address this post as good morning because it‘s morning for me and when you are talking about beautiful flowers it's fun to imagine gazing over the morning dew and smelling roses while strolling down a picturesque path on an English flower garden!

The reality is if I ever have a garden look like an English flower garden it’s not happening this decade but, maybe some day!

Anyway, I HAD to share these lovely photos of Hydrangeas and Peonies that are on my must have list for the landscape. 

It’s amazing that there is any bush so beautiful that lasts as long as it does!

Oh man, this old crumbled wall, beautiful blue hydrangeas… wonderful.

Once I have a few bushes growing I plan to put them in my house every day!

Another flowering plant that I want is peonies!  They smell heavenly and can’t get any prettier.  My mother in law has 6 beautiful bushes of these growing every summer. 

Pretty Peonies
Lisa Hubbard Southern Accents

Buy Peonies, Peony Plants, Tree Peony, Herbaceous Peonies.
White Flower Farm

Oh I guess I’m a sucker for adding photos of my kids Smile  These were taken a while ago but they were so cute!  My little Bug likes Peonies too!


If you had to pick one smelly flower or bush to put in your landscape, what would it be? Or what would be your favorite bush to plant that you could use for indoor flower arrangements?  I love hearing any advice or ideas on landscape since that is our next project!

Make Outdoor "Uglies" Disappear - My Front Porch

We all have them, you know those boxes or plug-ins that just stare WHITE at you when you look at your house. After about a year we just get used to them and they don't bother us as much anymore. BUT, what if you simply painted them!!!

Take a look...,,.

Ugly white outlet, two of them on my front porch!

Now with a 2 quick coats of paint!

Get fancier and add even MORE flowers!

So simple, but it really makes a difference (-: So much better than bright white.

You can see how I made this Tuscan Front Door  by adding my own clavos and hinges.

Here is the right hand side of the same porch.

I hope I've encouraged you to have fun with some house paint.

UPDATED door in the fall!  Boy did the flowers grow :-)


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The American Clay Master Bedroom I did in San Diego

First off I have to say, I really love San Diego. I lived there for 2 1/2 years and I felt like every morning I woke up to the sun shining and birds chirping.  I even wrote a post about all the places I’ve lived and what I noticed about the cities.

This is my friends casa, the one that flew me over to show them how to apply the American Clay to their home.  I’ll start off with their backyard because it was GORGEOUS!

View from their balcony off the master bedroom:
blog landscape 4

The other side of the balcony view, well pretty much all their master bedroom view!
blog landscape3

Oh just some flowers around the yard…… Smile  (remember, I live in Idaho, these “tropical” flowers are a novelty to me!)
blog landscape2

blog landscape1

They had three of these adorable fruit trees!  I forget the name of the fruit but they were SOOOO GOOD!! 
blog landscape

Alright, back to DESIGN!!

As soon as I entered the room I got excited about how I could change up the floor plan and best use the space.  Regarding the clay wall, I only did half of the room…….they are planning to finish the other half soon.  (My job was just to show them HOW to do the clay themselves Smile)

Back wall before:
disneyland iphone 019

Same back wall, AFTER!
blog san diego master bedroom clay

blog san diego american clay bedroom

(this is where the bed was placed before)
blog san diego before bedroom

Space in the corner BEFORE:
disneyland iphone 018

And the AFTER!
blog san diego master bedroom

And once again…..the final layout and American Clay wall done in a smooth Loma finish in the color Acacia:
blog finished clay bedroom

What do you think?  Anyone else want to fly me to some exotic location?  I wouldn’t mind Italy or somewhere over looking the coast in Greece Smile  HA! 

Till my next adventure……
Selina ~CreativeJuicesDecor~

Paper Lanterns– Ideas for the Pergola and Parties

I ran into such a fun store, full of wonderful eye candy and the prices were good!

Welcome Luna Bazaar……

Purple paper lanterns under long trellis.
Image courtesy of Mark Rose Events

I am still in the idea stage for my sad unclothed pergola but I promise, one day you guys will get a post from me with my OWN pergola looking fabulous – at least I hope!  Are you guys willing to stay with me for 5 more years?  ha!  I’m just joking…..I think I just need to do another clay job to get some more money to spend on fun things like paper lanterns!


OK, let’s get to these amazing photos!!!

 This orange would be so fun for a fall themed outdoor party.  You could add some round pumpkins to balance the round lanterns.  Lots of fun.

Orange paper lanterns in bright white tent with natural wood tables. Image by Cliff Brunk

This is fun – all the colors turns this room from blah to “let’s party!”

Anyway, I’m working on it, just collecting inspiration from all the talented people out there.  Smile  LOVE the hanging plants off the sides of posts and how it’s balanced by another pot right under the hanging flowers.

Stano Landscaping

Elle D├ęcor magazine

Till the Next Inspiration Hits!
~ CreativeJuicesDecor~
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