Landscape Ideas–Hydrangeas and Peonies!

Good Morning! 

I had to address this post as good morning because it‘s morning for me and when you are talking about beautiful flowers it's fun to imagine gazing over the morning dew and smelling roses while strolling down a picturesque path on an English flower garden!

The reality is if I ever have a garden look like an English flower garden it’s not happening this decade but, maybe some day!

Anyway, I HAD to share these lovely photos of Hydrangeas and Peonies that are on my must have list for the landscape. 

It’s amazing that there is any bush so beautiful that lasts as long as it does!

Oh man, this old crumbled wall, beautiful blue hydrangeas… wonderful.

Once I have a few bushes growing I plan to put them in my house every day!

Another flowering plant that I want is peonies!  They smell heavenly and can’t get any prettier.  My mother in law has 6 beautiful bushes of these growing every summer. 

Pretty Peonies
Lisa Hubbard Southern Accents

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White Flower Farm

Oh I guess I’m a sucker for adding photos of my kids Smile  These were taken a while ago but they were so cute!  My little Bug likes Peonies too!


If you had to pick one smelly flower or bush to put in your landscape, what would it be? Or what would be your favorite bush to plant that you could use for indoor flower arrangements?  I love hearing any advice or ideas on landscape since that is our next project!


  1. Wow - these are gorgeous pictures! I can't wait to see what you do with your own garden!

  2. Those ideas are breathtaking! Adding those ornamental plants in your landscape will surely make the exterior of your home eye catching. The hydrangeas and peonies look gorgeous, by the way.

    Mark Taylor

  3. I live in the south and love growing peonies too. We have a smaller selection than you northerners but there are several good peonies for the south. I grow Festiva Maxima, Karl Rosenfeld, Gay Paree, Lake of Silver and my favorite is a Yellow peony Itoh hybrid called Bartzella. Peony's Envy is a great source as is Plant Delights Nursery which specializes in peonies for the south.


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