Make Outdoor "Uglies" Disappear - My Front Porch

We all have them, you know those boxes or plug-ins that just stare WHITE at you when you look at your house. After about a year we just get used to them and they don't bother us as much anymore. BUT, what if you simply painted them!!!

Take a look...,,.

Ugly white outlet, two of them on my front porch!

Now with a 2 quick coats of paint!

Get fancier and add even MORE flowers!

So simple, but it really makes a difference (-: So much better than bright white.

You can see how I made this Tuscan Front Door  by adding my own clavos and hinges.

Here is the right hand side of the same porch.

I hope I've encouraged you to have fun with some house paint.

UPDATED door in the fall!  Boy did the flowers grow :-)


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  1. This is a very clever idea! Oh and I adore your French door!

  2. Your door is amazing! Your entire house is amazing!!!


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