Painting the Exterior of the House- Listing the Colors: A Brown Color Scheme

I suppose a few of you might have wondered why I haven’t ever shown you the exterior of the home.  Since we built in the middle of winter, the contractor had to wait tell we had a week of perfect and warm weather in order to get the painting done. 

The painting just wasn’t going to happen right when the house was finished!
new house 139

So we waited and waited…….There may have been a few other homes scheduled before us……

House pictures BEFORE we painted (some people thought it was painted already!) I guess it doesn’t look bad, it was just not what I had in mind for the colors)

exterior of house 4

Back Exterior Before:

back of house 1

Choosing the colors was very hard!  Interior colors come much easier for me. I love all kinds of colors, moss green and a beautiful grey blue can look amazing on a home but I decided I was going to go classic brown.  I suppose I was playing it safe, but I love safe and classic! :-) One thing that makes choosing exterior paint hard is that you have FULL sun glaring down on it but you also will have shade.  (Word of advice, if you are going for contrasting colors, make the shades very different, otherwise, it can look like you are matching, but just slightly off.)

Exterior After the Paint:

blog final exterior

Back of Home:

blog exterior 1

In the end, after a minor mistake, I gave a big sigh of relief.  I loved it.  We actually had someone come knocking on our door a week or two after it was painted and asked for our paint colors!  I guess nothing like that to really make you feel good about the choice you made Smile

And for those that are wondering, I’m happy to give you guys the colors too!

(Shown in Benjamin Moore colors but can color match to anyone)

Trim and Fascia: Southern Vine # 2138-10
Board and Baton – upper gables: Carrington beige HC 93

blog exterior 

As you can see……there is a LOT of brown and we need some GREEN GRASS!!!  It will really look great with some trees too but it will have to wait a year……we’re broke Smile 

blog exterior2

There you have it!  Till the next exterior post which hopefully includes some greenery!

UPDATE:  we now have some grass :-)

Here it is a little closer....
And a little closer - ha!!  I love Fall :-)
You can see how I made the iron decor on the front door in this post.
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  2. What a beautiful home! I love the rock and good job on the colors! A home is ALWAYS a work in progress. Sometimes I find it turns out better when I wait to do a project because I would have made a different decision earlier and I like the one I made eventually better than what I was thinking 6 months (or a year) earlier.

  3. Just a beautiful color scheme, do you know what your rock is called?

    1. Yes! Here is what I got:

      Buck County Country Ledgerstone 80% with Bucks Country Distressed Fieldstone 20% (and he just filled it in to look like it does)

  4. Well-trained interior craft professionals will do the work for you, quickly and simply. With their services at your disposal, you do not ought to pay hours getting ready for your paint job, learning a way to mate excellent, for more information click here painting company tequesta.

  5. I absolutely love the colors! Would you happen to know the body and trim colors you used?

    1. Hi JJ, I listed the colors for everyone in the post. They are from Benjamin Moore and listed about middle of the post (-: good luck with your project!

  6. I absolutely love the colors! Would you happen to know the body and trim colors you used?


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