Summer Camping - Training for the Hunger Games

Every year my youngest daughter has her birthday on a camping trip.  

This year, as she turned five, she trained for.......

 The Hunger Games

Take that Katniss Everdeen!

When she had a chance to take a break from her vigorous training she opened her presents which included:

A Pink Guitar

A Bubble Gun

 And coloring books.

When it came time to preform, her stylist really made her stand out

But when the game was on, it was back to her training!  (We were just thankful she never shot the dog!)

Here's to a GREAT summer!!  Hope you have some fun trips planned!


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  1. I especially love the archery pictures. She is getting so tall! How on earth is she 5 already - not possible. She is very beautiful, Selina...


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