Curious About Blogs? How Bloggers Earn Money

Hi Friends

I wrote this post a month or two ago but was a little nervous about publishing it because I wondered if you guys would like it (I know it has nothing to do with design!)  BUT I have learned some very interesting things over the past 2 years of blogging so I thought I would share it.  Plus a new friend of mine Ann from OnSuttonPlace had her first linky party dedicated to sharing things we've learned about blogging......I guess it gave me that little nudge to hit the "PUBLISH" button. :-)

When I talk to my family and non blogging friends about my blog they are always saying, 

WHAT? How does all that stuff work? You mean when I click on those ads you earn money?  Do you sign up to advertise?  

They had absolutely no idea the “things” behind the blog.

So, if you at all interested, continue reading and if this sounds incredibly boring I promise to do a really fun interior design or craft post next!!!

First off, I can honestly say, I could probably make more money picking pennies out of a fountain then I would during the first 2 years of this blog! :-)

penny in fountain

I spend around 1-2 hours PER blog post I write.  So I spend an average of 3 hours a week just writing the posts not to mention the actual craft or project I did that may have taken me hours!  My guess is I spend around 10+  hours a week doing things related to blogging.  (I won’t even discuss the hours of trying to figure out HTML or Photoshop!  That’s just going to have to be its own separate thing cause it’s too embarrassing to tell you how many hours I have spent on that.) Open-mouthed smile

All to say though, I really do enjoy blogging.  If I just did it for the money I would have quit years ago.  I enjoy showing all my faithful readers the ideas and projects that come out of this brain of mine.  I also LOVE reading about other people's ideas and projects that are usually a combination of how I come up with my ideas in the first place!  For me blogs and blogging completely feeds the part of my brain that needs to be creative and I get excited and fulfilled making crafts or a room “sparkle”. 

blog plate hanger wall

On the other side of things, this blog does take time away from my family, and definitely time away from cleaning!  If my house is a disaster, and the kids running wild around the house, it’s because I’m writing a post!  I’m afraid they frequently hear “Can you just leave me alone for FIVE more minutes!!!  Dinner will be started when I FINISH THIS!!”   So I’m thankful for every one of you who enjoy my blog, and I hope you don’t mind if I put a few ads on the side with the hopes of making just a little bit of money. Also, I hope that the ads are for things you will thoroughly enjoy, and maybe even be able to get a discount on.


So here is how I earn some money. Right now it just pays for a coffee or two, but some day, I think it would be wonderful to use this blog to help out with “real life.” 


Some of you probably get annoyed that I have ads on my blog but maybe after reading this post you’ll feel better about it.  (I really hope you do!)


When you click on those ads you see on my side bars (the ones that say AdSense in the corner and are always changing) I earn a few pennies every time they are clicked.  It slowly adds up.  So, when I am reading another bloggers post, and if I loved it and learned something from it, sometimes I’ll click an ad (that looks interesting) as a little thank youfor all the time and effort I know they put into the post.  Now I wouldn’t go CRAZY doing that, just click on things that truly interest you Smile  Google is pretty good about only putting ads on my site that pertain to d├ęcor, but  I have run across an ad or two on my blog that I do not like and I quickly will run over to my AdSense account and block that ad from showing up again.  (sorry if you saw an ad that was “iffy”, so far there was only one ad that I was completely surprised they put on my craft/design blog and I QUICKLY blocked it!)

That reminds me, if you receive a bloggers post via email, at the bottom of the email highlighted in blue, you can always click that to go directly to the post on the web.  If you do go to the actual post, a blogger gets credit for a true “page view” which in turn really helps a blogger earn money.  (The more page views you have on your blog, the more “pennies” you get when someone clicks on an ad!  Isn’t all this stuff crazy!)


You can also put Affiliate ads on your blog.  These are stores/websites that you choose that you want on your blog and when a reader clicks on them and buys something you get 2%-7% (approximately) of the sale.  I think Amazon is the largest affiliate store out there.  Sometimes on a person’s blog they have a bar that says “Search for product on Amazon” and if you use that search bar to buy anything from Amazon that blogger gets a kickback!  I mean WHY NOT!  I’d be happy to send a buck or two to a blogger that I enjoy rather than have all my money go to The Big Guys.  Right?  I just started adding some affiliate ads on my blog and so far, have earned next to nothing, but I’ll give it some time.


Sometimes on my blog you see highlighted words which are called Text Links that take you to one of my affiliates.  For instance, when I post a recipe, a lot of times on an ingredient that is hard to find I’ll put a link that has my affiliate code on it so that if you end up buying that product, I would receive a few cents. I almost always link with because that is where I shop and I really LOVE their products and prices!  Like I mentioned before, I do not make a killing off this blog!  Here is a shot of my earnings this month off AdSense (the changing ads), you have to remember this is TWO years into blogging, and what you see below is a good month.

Actual clipping from my AdSense account.

Another way some bloggers earn money is by hosting a giveaway for a company or doing a sponsored post.  (A post that promotes that particular company)  I have yet to earn money by doing a giveaway, but I usually do receive one of the giveaway items myself.  There are larger blogs that charge a LOT to do giveaways or sponsored posts.  I have to admit when I was just starting my blog and found that out, I was surprised.  It is a good thing to know though, as I have actually had some marketer people try to take advantage of my LACK of knowledge regarding sponsored posts.  If you want a shocker, see this post on Not Getting Conned for Sponsored Blog Posts!

Lastly, bloggers can have sponsors or companies that will pay monthly to have their specific ad on your site.  I always thought it would require that I set up invoices and bookkeeping and have to track each sponsor with how much they owe etc. BUT I just found a site that takes care of almost all the book keeping.  I was blown away and set up ads just this month.  It wasn't very hard, those that are computer savvy (this isn't me!) will have an even easier time.  PassionFruitAds - they are a new company, but growing FAST.  For a blog my size, (1200 email subscribers and 700 “followers”)  I am guessing I would charge around $20-50.00 a month to put up a specific companies ad on my site.   I believe some companies will contact you, but a lot of times a blogger would need to be pro-active and contact the company they enjoy and give them rates and all their blog statistics.

So I’m curious, has this post changed the way you think of ads on person's blog?

Were you shocked I earned money off this blog?  Or did you think I made a lot of money and were shocked I earned so little? 

Did you already know how bloggers earned money?  Would you discontinue following a blog if they have ads?  (and if so, why?)  I really want to know your thoughts!!! 

For other bloggers out there, is there something I missed? 


  1. I am with you on time spent and money earned. I am new to the BlogHer network and not earning a lot but having fun doing it. I have turned away all sponsored giveaways at this point because they were not reflective of my blog. Good to know that last bit about sponsored ads. Thanks.

  2. I can’t agree more on the sponsored posts – people contact me and want to write up something about farmers…..I tell them repeatedly that I am a DIY design/craft blog and I would be happy to look at what they want to write about but they HAVE to fit my blog. I’ve pretty much given up on letting someone do a sponsored post. I’m waiting for the Silhouette craft cutter to contact me and give me a free unit and do a sponsored post for them but they haven’t seemed to find my cute little blog just yet – ha!

  3. Hi Selina, I'm so glad I clicked on your button from Cottage at the Crossroads link party. I started my blog in June and have a long way to go before I have enough readership/followers to warrant ads. I don't see anything wrong with ads on blogs. People have a choice to click or not and I agree if you enjoy a person's blog, why not support them by clicking an ad.
    I considered buying an ad on LiveLaughRowe. I thought her pricing was quite reasonable--I noticed she also uses Passion Fruit Ads.
    I would like to earn money with my blog, and I would consider the ways you talked about but I need more followers first:) When I get there I will be back to re-read your article--very informative--Thank you so much!!
    Btw, I'm a new follower:) Di {}

  4. Great post! Thanks for the Passion Fruit link- will need to check that out.


  5. Hi Selena,
    Thanks so much for linking up your post to our party. I just recently signed up for Google AdSense ads, and I have these empty boxes on my blog right now, so your post was very timely. I just recently learned about the sponsored links so they are the next things that I want to investigate.

  6. Visiting from the blog tips link party. Great post! I have ads and Amazon Affiliate and just recently setup Passionfruit to have sponsors (I don't have any yet).

    This is great info, especially for those that maybe don't blog and don't understand why those of us who do, have ads.

    Fresh Picked Vintage

  7. clicked around while i was here...hopefully you'll raise more $$

    1. Hee,hee....thanks :-) You and my mother in law are probably my biggest supporter. :-) :-)

  8. Hi Selina, terrific post and I'm with you on learning all there is to know about ads on a blog. And I agree with your experience. A lot of time goes into each post. I find myself saying, "let me finish this post" and .....
    I look forward to seeing more of your posts and looked for your Linky Follower widget. (I still have a Google account, but they took my widget when GFC went away for those of us on WP.) Please let me know if you have a Linky account, too. Thanks, Helen

  9. Reply@scoots1mom: Your comment made me smile....that was very sweet. I guess the readers seem to be Ok with the ads, this is the highest amount of clicks I have ever had :-)

  10. Reply@Helen: I need to read a blog post about doing the Linky Followers....I am a little confused on it all. Is there a lot of others that would like a linky followers on this blog??

  11. Hi Selina...great post and thank you for linking up to our party! I have mixed emotions about the ad thing. The BlogHer ads I think are intrusive. They use pop ups and they insist their ads be above the fold. They won't let you do giveaways either. Most bloggers have gotten around that by having a second "giveaway" blog. I'm not ready for that either. I have AdSense but so far have not been paid a cent. I am signed up with Passionfruit, which I think is genius, but so far have not sold an ad there either. I know there is hope so I just keep the ads up and try to not obsess. :o)

  12. Hi Selina, I'm not surprised you are making money. I'm always looking for interesting ads to see new stores and items for sale. I'm hoping that you and other bloggers get some money from advertising. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for a look behind the scenes.

  13. This was so informative! I had no idea how this all worked and I am so glad you told us. I have no problem with ads on a blog - especially if the remain tasteful. :)

  14. Great post Selina! I just recently got a Google Adsense Account Ad up on my blog. I like your tip about if you like someone's post and you like the Ad, click on it!

  15. Hi Selina,

    I am glad that you posted this. I've been curious, and I'm glad to know the "inside" world of ads.
    I agree with you on blog posts that are helpful, and will click on the adsense ads as a 'Thank You'.....
    There are a couple of blogs that I chose to be on their email list, and I click on the link all of the time to go to their actual page.

    I will say that I haven't seen this a lot, but there are a couple of sites that have so many pop up ads, that you can't make it through the article/tutorial. And I mean, sites with tons of followers.
    But for me, I immediately cross that blog off of my list, because who wants to fight their way through ads to actually read the post?

    1. I am really happy to read what people think about ads (especially people that are reading my blog!) I don't want to be tacky and yet I really would like to earn some money for all the time and effort that goes into the blog. Thanks so much for taking the time and commenting.

  16. Hi, Selena!
    My name is Maria, I am a fellow blogger and I just wanted to thank you for this post. I have only been blogging for a year and when I applied for Addsense, I was denied. I guess I am not big enough for them. Anyway, since then, I have also become an Amazon Affiliate, but of course, no revenue yet. I did not start my blog to make money, I do it because I love decorating and DIY projects, but, like you said, lots of time and effort go into keeping it running.I found your post very informative and I thank you for taking the time to write it. I am your new follower. Nice to meet you and I will be back to enjoy the rest of your blog. Have a great weekend!

    1. Maria, I'm so glad this helped a little :-) AND so glad to have you following along! If I can help with any questions, just shoot me an email.

  17. Selina, I'm back after referring a friend to this post. Linky Follers is quite useful; especially for those of us on Word Press. And many, like myself, use Word Press, but our own on website. That way we can be found if there's any change in blogland!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a great New Year! Looking forward to knowing you better!

  18. I am not a blogger but basically a stalker of blogs (ha,ha) I just found your blog from Remodelaholic. I always feel bad that I get such great ideas from you all and can't repay you but with a thank you or maybe buy something if y'all have a shop. I feel much better knowing this information you posted and that it helps you all, even a little bit. Thanks for the post. Kathi

    1. I appreciate ALL my readers - thanks Kathi for supporting the bloggers you really enjoy! :-)


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