Fun Easy DIY Child Birthday Cake Ideas

Over the years I have attempted to make a few extra special birthday cakes.  I’m not a cake decorator, but a mom that has fun trying something other than just frosting on a cake.  (And there are some years where they get just that!  A cake with frosting and a few candles put in!)

These were fairly easy so I hope you enjoy them and possibly get inspired to make one this year for your little one!  Linking up to YHL Katie’s, Renee and Emily - Pinterest Party (lots of cakes on pinterest!)

This was a "present" cake.  

Simply put on frosting, add dots of Spree Candy and a ribbon made of strawberry “fruit by the foot” fruit leather!

I saw this aquarium cake off some magazine and attempted to copy it.  I learned a lot AFTER it was put together but it still turned out pretty cute!

Blue tinted frosting

Black Licorice as trim of aquarium cake

Goldfish crackers with a dot of black piping (frosting) on them.

Tropical or lime “fruit by the foot” fruit leather cut out curvy for seaweed

Nerds Candy as the rocks

Mystery Flavored Airheads rolled out and shaped/cut  into the castle.  I didn’t roll it out thin enough so it started to sag because it was so heavy.  (roll it out THIN if you make this at home)

The bubbles were the Mystery Flavored Airheads just rolled into little balls and placed on the cake.
Fun cake – huh!

This cake is just funny.  I asked my son what kind of cake he wanted that year and he said, “I want a jelly bean cake!”  Well, I think what he really meant was he just wanted to be sure to eat jelly belly jelly beans on his birthday but the boy got himself a real Jelly Bean Cake anyway!

When you turn 6, you can blow gum bubbles, be ready for a game of Wii, (that’s the white thing in his hand)  and pose for a picture all at the same time!

The Duck Cupcake

This came from a fantastic cook book called:

What's New, Cupcake?

This duck was a lot of fun, but I wish I had watched their Ducky Master Class on You Tube before making this!  It would have turned out better.  Basically this consists of a cupcake, doughnut hole, half a marshmallow, microwaved yellow frosting and candy for eyes and beak.

This was by far my most ambitious and favorite cake I ever did.  Honestly, it was not hard, it just took some time.  Fondant is the key to making a cake look amazing.  You can buy it off the internet or at the craft store and pick up some fun fondant shapes and cutters.  For the handles, I just took a gob of yellow fondant and shaped it in to the handle and spout!  I stuck a toothpick in one end and inserted the other into the cake. 

I also made some cupcakes with the leftover flowers I had made.  Fondant lasts a long time so you could make up the flowers a few days in advanced and then just stick them on your cake when the special day arrives!

To get the round cake, all I did was use a oven safe bowl (pampered chef makes a great one) and made two of the cakes then put them on top of each other  to form a rounded cake.

   I hope this cake tutorial has inspired some fun cakes for your kids this year!

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  1. I wouldn't have any problem eating those! Haha. I really love your teapot cake. It looks soooo hard though!

  2. Adorable cakes. I love the first one (think I'll copy that idea) and the teapot cake.


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