More Landscape Ideas–Pergola or Trellis Inspirations!

On my last landscape post, I showed you guys some really fun Hydrangea and Peonies pictures.  Now I am going to show you some ideas I have for the outdoor pergola!

I have always loved vines, grape vines, wisteria vines, clematis vines, etc.  There is something so romantic about vines, maybe it’s that they just wrap around and cling to their “post”.  I don’t know, maybe that sounded weird….hee,hee.

I can’t wait to find some great outdoor lights to put up too…….it will probably look so blah though without a mature vine wrapping it's beautiful greenery.......OK enough of the vines and romance - ha!  Onto the photos!

Backyard lit with colorful electric lighting
Beatriz Da Costa Real Simple

Absolutely DREAMY! Don’t you just  love the chandler dropping down from the vines!

This doesn't look like wisteria, but it sure looked pretty.  Is there such thing as a peony vine?  Maybe this is just a rose vine?  I love it no matter what it is!

Pinned Image


House Beautiful

Who wouldn’t enjoy an eatable landscape! I think grape vines would be really fun to put on the pergola too.

HA!  I think I dream BIG!!! This is what my pergola looks like right now Smile  Someday it will be like one of the above photos…….someday.

misc march april 009

Do you guys have any vine recommendations – I live in North Idaho. (which I think is a zone 5)  I need it easy and something that is hard to kill. (A green thumb, I am not)  Open-mouthed smile


  1. Although they are pretty vines are very damaging to your pergola structure, but maybe once the damage is done the vine creates a structure of it's own. I would consider using an outdoor fabric and stringing lights underneath.

  2. Sooner was right, those vines ruins the structure. How about instead of vines put some hanging miniature photo frame with your some of your memorable photos that is my concept for my shed plans and I think it would be nice if you remove or minimize putting some vines.


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