We Officially have Grass

It’s been a LONG, muddy and cold time waiting but we finally have grass!  In fact, my hubby just mowed it yesterday.  (Exciting stuff around here!)

blog rustic tuscan out back door purgula

misc march april 007

Duke patiently waiting for the hydro seed to take root Smile

blog landscape grass 1

blog landscape grass 2

back of house 2

blog landscape grass 3

It makes me so happy though, our dog will not track in gobs of mud daily now (he’s an indoor dog….just uses the outside for all  his “business”)

fess up 015

One step at a time!  I wish we could snap our fingers and have it all done but unfortunately money doesn’t fall from the sky when we snap our fingers Smile  Next year we’ll start planting some trees.  Can’t wait!

blog landscape grass 4

Oh and my wonderful husband just put up three matching mailboxes!  One neighbor we know really well (his parents!) and the other neighbor was happy to have them all matching. 

blog landscape grass

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  1. I cant believe it's the same landscape! Awesome difference!

  2. Gorgeous landscaping and gorgeous house! This Florida girl can't imagine having that much snow in her back yard! lol.


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