Camping in Montana

We just got home from a fun August camping trip with my in-laws.  I know camping isn’t for everyone – but we LOVE it.

Most of our family vacations these days are camping trips. Finding the perfect deeply wooded camping spot filled with the smell of crisp clean air and pine trees is a family highlight.  Mix that with the smoke from a fire and we're set for some R&R.  I camped a lot as a child.  I think that is why I enjoy it so much……you know, the whole “good memories” thing. 

blog sunlight camping

My in-laws have a larger RV, so we hit an RV park that they had found a few years earlier.  What a RV park may be lacking in a thickly wooded forrest, they usually have a POOL to make up for it!

blog st regis swim K 

She honestly thinks she looks cute in ANYTHING (OK, she does, but not like how SHE envisions herself!!)

blog st regis swim

blog funny face

One of the days we snuck out for a little drive and ran across a Bull Moose and Cow (I think that is what a “couple” moose are called!)  See them behind the kids?

blog st regis river kids

Up close shot of the lovey “couple”.  Ahhhhhh nature……

blog bull moose

I have learned, when you are the family photographer, getting a good photo of yourself is near impossible….not only that, but having a person's head or chin chopped off might be a common occurrence.  It’s all good though, right??

AND you guys were all wondering if I was a natural blond, weren’t you? (who desperately needs a shower!) Smile  Wonder no further……my son isn’t so sure of his “white” hair but I told him people pay hundreds of dollars to try to get that look Winking smile  I may pay just a little to KEEP mine that way – ha!

blog st regis river

Just a few more photos of my youngest traipsing through the trails.  I love the feel of evening sunlight on a perfectly calm summer night.

blog sunlight

blog camping montana

I’ll leave this adventure with a fun photo my daughter with her best friend our Golden Doodle dog Duke.  He comes camping with us wherever we go!

 Hope you guys are having a fun summer too!

blog goldendoodle camping

~ Till the Next Adventure! Selina


  1. You didn't say where in MT you were. Just wondering as we used to live in Mt (crazy that we still don't). We had 20 acres on Canyon Ferry Lake south of Helena.
    What a wonderful experience for all of you. I miss MT so much, would love to move back there any time even at my age (72).
    Camping is so good for kids, it helps make them not take things for granted, like a nice home and family, be more rounded people. Good for you and hubs for taking them camping often. There are so many things for them to learn in nature.
    Just seeing your pictures makes me homesick for Mt, we lived there for 7 yrs. We moved there in 92 from San Diego, quite a change but I loved it. Please let me know where you were, I'd be very interest in how you liked it there. Love your blog, you've really inspired me.
    We live in western CO now but moved from Mt to Bowling Green, KY area for 5 yrs then moved here in 2004. It's ok but it's just not Mt.

    1. St Regis Campground!! It was such a wonderful time. Can't wait to post pictures of our trips this summer :-) I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!


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