The SIMPLE Sew Throw Pillow

Alright, I’ll lay it on the line.  I am not a great seamstress.  I am just someone who would rather not spend $25.00 on each accent pillow I wanted to throw on my bed. 

All to say, if I can do this, anyone can!!!  I mean it. 

First I recommend keeping all your pillows even when you change up your d├ęcor because you can simply re-cover them with a different fabric. (it’s the pillow forms that can get expensive) If you are alright with buying a good quality pillow at the thrift store they always have tons……some people might be weird about buying a pillow there. 

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First measure your pillow.

You’ll want to measure from the middle seam to the other side middle seam. (half of your overall pillow circumference)  That is your measurement for your pillow project!

misc march april 011

Next, take a red pencil and line out that measurement.  Add about an inch to that original red line for the seam allowance. Cut out along the outside pencil mark

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Use some pins to hold the two pieces (that are turned inside out) together. (Your pretty design should be on the inside)

misc march april 014

Next start sewing along the inside red pencil mark. Be sure and save around 6-8” without any stitches at the END so you can squeeze in the pillow form.

misc march april 015

Once it was all sewed, I notched all my corners so they would not get all bulky inside the pillow form.  If your fabric can handle an iron, I would iron the two pieces of fabric flat (spread them out and iron so they are flat instead of side by side together)  Doing that just creates a nice clean seam line.

misc march april 016

With the section that you left un-sewed, stuff your pillow form inside.  Now pin the un-sewed edges together and simple sew up the rest by hand.

misc march april 018

Honestly, it took approximately 15 min per pillow.  I had all the forms already, and the fabric I bought with a 40% off coupon.

And that’s a non-seamstress version of how to make a simple quick throw pillow! Winking smile  I'm completely happy with how they turned out.  Give it a try!!!

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  1. These look lovely! I use and re-use my inserts all the time too.


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