This Blog and My Life - 2 Year Anniversary!

Has anyone wondered how I keep up with this blog??

I definitely wonder how others keep up with theirs :-)   I’ve been posting my ideas and products at least 2 times a week for almost 2 years (September 1, I know I'm cheating a little) and I just hit my 200th posts!

{Happy Almost Anniversary to Me}

Through the two years I have learned a trick or two on how to balance both my life and my blog.  (It's not easy!!!  It can be SO time consuming to write a good, well laid out tutorial of something you have made. )

BUT, I do love blogging, so it’s all good!  

typewritter red cream black

I've been thinking about blogging though, I finished our new house and now I might take this blog down a slightly different path.

Don’t worry, I know you'll like it :-)

I may feature others' projects a little more often and I would love to introduce some of my amazing friends (who don't have a blog) to showcase what they have done.  Maybe I'll start up a Linky Party day......I'm still thinking about that one.  It would be fun to feature your great work too :-) 

I do have some REALLY EXCITING NEWS!   I have just written my first eBook!!  

Are you guys curious as to what I wrote about???  It has something to do about finding the BALANCE between blogging and your life.  For those who have ever thought, "My house has never looked so disorganized!  I have half finished rooms, projects to started but not finished, supplies scattered everywhere and overflowing thrift store finds!"  Well, I wrote this ebook for you :-)  Because I have been there before.  

What do you think? Does that sound interesting??

I'll post that soon so be on the look out :-)

film strip house

Another idea I have for my life (which affects the blog)  is getting into flipping houses.  I would LOVE to buy a foreclosed or cheap home that is completely dated 1970’s and turn it into 2012.  I get excited just thinking about doing that!  Of course, my husband and I need to have a serious talk as to how we could do that, he did say he was definitely up for it!    If we did do that, I am sure I would never again have to "think" about a great post, I'd have examples right and left to show you guys!!

family shot in old window

So, here’s to a new chapter.  You might see me posting a little less frequently on my lengthy tutorials, but maybe you'll see a little more highlights of the amazing designs shown on the web and who knows, maybe more of my actual life?  You guys still along for the ride?? 


  1. Happy Anniversary to you! I always love reading your posts and marveling over your fantastic projects!

  2. Happy blogaversary! :) Can't wait to read your ebook. You are amazing.

  3. Happy Blogiversary! Love to see what you do!


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