Top 5 Penny Decor and Crafts - Creative Juices Award

When I saw some of the photos below, they blew my mind!  I had NO idea of all the fun things you can do with pennies or any coin for that matter.  Penny Letters, Penny Back splashes, Penny Jewelry.....the list goes on and on!

Without further is my PENNY edition of my Creative Juices Award!

Rebecca from the Crafted Sparrow made this for a friend's housewarming gift!  I LOVE it!  Make sure and click over to her blog to see the full tutorial.  

How about using pennies on whimsical paper mache letters?  That is just what Dacia from Lemondrop life did!

If you're decor doesn't suit COPPER very much how about SILVER!

The LOVE nickels were made by artist Justine Smith on wood letters.

I thought this idea was SOOO cute.  It's a penny key chain by Pat's Design saying "lucky us" and the dates of each penny can reflect the date you and your significant other were born, or met.  Each penny could also have the birth dates of each child.  You get the idea. :-)

I've seen pennies used on ENTIRE floors and on counter tops but how about just adding a back splash accent with pennies.  This is a photo from Apartment Therapy.  You can tell the designer used tinted concrete counter tops and a penny back splash - very cool!

And lastly, a fun one.  How about using pennies to make your child or grandchild tap shoes.  You may have to include earplugs for yourself, but I bet they will be entertained for hours! :-)

From Real Simple Magazine

So this was just pennies for every one elses thoughts!  
Enjoy, I'm still so amazed at all the creativity out there, hasn't this post got all your "Creative Juices" going??  Mine sure are!


  1. I have seen the countertops and backsplashes but not the wall art. The silver one would be fun to do for my daughter...maybe an initial? Thank you for sharing. I'm going back to a few links and pin!

  2. Very cool! I may have to try the letters and the tap shoes...


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