My Friends Shabby Chic Pergola and Woodsy Walkway

Anyone need help with making their yard look beautiful?  I know I do!  My friend Valerie sent me pictures of her backyard and told me the story behind it all.

Have you ever heard of an Akebia Vine or Lime Scotch Moss?  You'll want to know about them after you see these pictures!!  

Valerie's Backyard

Can you believe that VINE!!!   Valerie told me it is the called an Akebia vine.  It has a cream color in the spring that is very fragrant.  The rest of the year, the vine is just green.  

If I remember right, that vine is only 5 years old.  I NEED that now!!!  I guess it's a very vigorous grower, so vigorous that in some sounthern (hot) states it's considered a "weed" but for us colder climate states it's a great choice.  For those who are wondering, we are a zone 5 and get LOTS of snow in the winter.

I love the white furniture with red accents and the white candle chandelier.

I have seen lamp posts like the one below at Costco for under 200.00.  The just plug into an outlet and away you go!  I love the ambiance it adds.

Next is her beautiful walkway.  She used lime scotch moss between the flagstone.  She mentioned that a lot of times landscape companies will have SCRAP flagstone that they will just give you....ya, for FREE!  Be sure and ask your local company for some scraps before you decide to spend a lot of money buying it.  (Don't you just love good hints like that, in a way, this is what blogging is all about - right?)

You have to see the before picture.....makes you really appreciate the after!

The Scotch Moss is really starting to fill in.  I love how it makes the pathway feel so woodsy.

You have to love using those paper lanterns outside!  It brings so much character to an area.

What do you guys think???  Did you get inspired for your own backyard?  

Do you have a favorite plant you can tell us about?

 I am ready to start planting today! 


  1. For me, this isn't inspiring. It's downright overwhelming.
    I'm in Texas. My favorite plant is lantana - it's hardy, it's beautiful and it comes back every year. Perhaps it's a flower, not a plant. I have brown thumbs so I wouldn't know. Also love sweet potato vine. It looks so pretty spilling out of a big planter and it grows so dang fast!

  2. What a beautiful garden, full of inspiration. My favorite plant right now is Oxalis Triangularis - Purple Shamrock. I'm going to plant more of it now that the weather has cooled down. I live in Georgia and it survives the hot summers.


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