Painting a Fresco in this Beautiful Tuscan Guestroom!

In order to do THIS:

(yes, the mantle really is that big!  Or maybe my head is just that small??)

I had to use one of THESE:

unicorn helmet 014

But the good news is yesterday I found this one at my local thrift store for $10.00!!!!!   YEA!!!! 

You see, I can paint, but I’m not an amazing artist and my client wanted me to do a fresco (a painting on clay plaster) of antlers on her giant mantle. She gave me a plate to show me what kind of antlers she was thinking about. 


In my head I was truly thinking WHY does she think I can do this??  I suppose I don’t give myself enough credit, but let’s just say I was totally nervous.  UNTIL, I realized that I could just print out her antler picture and trace it on a transparency and COPY it onto her mantle!!  (sorry, I didn’t take a photo of the transparency shining on the mantle, I had traced it with a pencil and turned off the machine)

TA DA!  But the next question was, where can I find an overhead projector?  I finally asked a teacher at my kids school if I could borrow one of theirs, and graciously they said yes, but I returned it as soon as I finished.  I did realize later that Michaels sales a fancy projector set (not like the good old fashion ones that make sense to me!) for over a hundred bucks and I just didn’t want to spend that kind of money on one.

So when I spotted this one at the thrift store I snatched it up and plan do do a fun swirl pattern with it in my daughters room. 

I can’t wait to show you!!! But I have to apply the clay first, and it might take a while so…….keep reading the blog……please Smile

Are you guys dying to see more of that FABULOUS guest room (yes, I said guest room) I did for my client????  I did all the clay for her, she was an amazing lady and actually was the architect, designer and general contractor for the home you see.  I got SO much inspiration from her home for my own house…..just not on the millionaires budget.  My guests are going to have to wait till one of my kids leave the house to enjoy our guest room – hahaha! (maybe that’s not all that funny Smile)

Isn’t that antler chandelier something else!

Up-close of the fabulous rock fireplace.  Believe me, I could LIVE in this guest room!

This is the view from the room, it has a private balcony and overlooks one of the most beautiful lakes in the world (at least according to National Geographic)

And the guest bathroom that is attached to the guest room  Smile  Ya, pretty amazing…..feel free and pin this to your dream home board  - ha!

There you have it and the reason why I am so excited about my latest thrift store find!!!

What do you think?  Would you guys give “drawing” on the walls a shot if you had an overhead projector? 

 It’s just like in the good old days of tracing a pretty picture!


  1. Yay on the cheap projector! That will come in handy for so many things - think of all the christmas windows you could do >;)

  2. Wow! What an amazing guest room/home! The plaster and painting look wonderful. Great job!

  3. It looks terrific. You did a wonderful job. I enjoyed my visit to your beautiful blog ( new follower). Hugs!

  4. Fabulous project. The antlers are perfection over that mantel. I'm very impressed with what you have accomplished here too!

  5. love the design......want to see more in future.

  6. i am interested in designing of interior of home as kitchen, bedroom, drawing room etc... love your idea.


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