Thrifty Treasures in Garage Sales!

I know, I told myself I was banned from the thrift store and here I am GARAGE SALING! 

 I hardly ever go garage saling but my brother (see his before and after home photos!) is an ADVID Saturday morning hit the yard sales kind of guy.  He comes home with lots of fun things and teaches his girls how to bargain with the best of them. 

He'd kill me for this, but isn't he a good looking guy??  I just took this photo on our San Juan Vacation.  Good thing he doesn't read my blog (or at least I don't think he does)......and yes, he's single or I would never have posted the picture!

Anyway, back to my thrifty treasures!!! (sorry about that!)
I bought the cool globe for 5.00
The rice maker for 2.00 (I really wanted one!)
The scrabble game for 2.00
The adorable skirt for 2.00
The amazing iron stand/bowl for 6.00
and the pampered chef circle pan for 1.00
(those are around 20 bucks new!! and we all know the more seasoned it is the better)
Wonder what I plan to do with my scrabble game???
I want to have a craft party and make THESE!
I am also trying to figure out where to put my big iron stand/bowl. 
 I photoshopped some ideas.....what do you think?
Front steps?
On the table?
I could put something else in it???? Lots of fruit?
And that classic globe, well it found it's way into the basement. 


I mean really you guys, with fun finds like these how can you NOT pull over when you see that yard full of THING A MA BOBS!   OK, I know I'm the one with the problem ;-)  I need to stop collecting stuff even though my husband even COMMENTED on the iron bowl!!!
Yes he did, he said, "Did you get a new bowl??  That's really nice." 
You know what that statement did, it justified my thoughts that garage saling was a very good thing.  In fact, if I was smart, I'd end this post right now and continue looking for GARAGE SALE signs! HA!  Have a great day my friends!
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  1. Looks like a great day of bargain shopping. I love the iron bowl - especially with the pumpkin on it.

  2. I love your photoshopped photos! I think the iron bowl is perfect on your porch. :o)

  3. love love what you got. So fun. I have made the scrabble pendents, another fun fun thing to do. Checkers work too for round ones or poker chips. There are places too on etsy you can buy the chains wholesale like 20 for $8.60. I just got some.
    Love the skirt. I'm so into skirts this year, so romantic haha.
    Nathaniel would kill you. Haha, he looks the same. He should just enjoy the quiet and the pace of singlehood. As my children yell and scream and complain about school, I'm dreaming of those days when I was single and didn't appreciate it lol.

    1. ohhhh checkers and poker chips for making those necklaces too!! Great I just need to set up a girls craft night.

  4. I love thrifting because you can find things that are cool but not on store shelves anymore. I don't usually garage sale (time really) but I do hit up a thrift/furniture store at least once every week!

    1. I think you are really comes down to TIME and leaving my house early friday and saturday morning is SOOOO hard for my family schedule!


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