My Newest Addition–A Working Italian Fountain!

I was so excited when I found this fountain on Craigslist for only 50 buckaroonies.  Little did I know, it would cost a LOT more to get that thing up and running.  *sigh*

blog full fountain

I’m almost too embarrassed to tell you guys how much this frugal gal spent on making it WORK, but…….. I may as well tell you so that when you are jumping up and down for finding “the steal of your life”, unless you plan to use it as a BIRDBATH, you might think twice before buying it! Smile

Hey, using it as a birdbath might be just the thing! 

(Update, this post got too long so the technical information about installing the fountain is next, part 2)  STAY TUNED!

So now this post will just be some fun photos…….

blog top fountain

One thing that I LOVE about my CL fountain find is that it was old so all the rich patina was already there…….just check out that moss and grime – ha, love it!

blog upclose fountain

Having a fountain is also a fun way to attract birds to your yard. 

spash zone fountain

My neighbors (aka my in-laws)  had the same people who installed our fountain make theirs.  As long as hearing running water doesn’t make you have to go to the bathroom, it’s such a relaxing sound.  Smile

What do you think??

blog patina on fountain

Now I just need to set up the back patio,add flowers and fast forward 10 years to where they are all big and beautiful.  (All the while, I need to NOT age MYSELF)  hee,hee.
signiture CJD


  1. I LOVE it....Doesn't matter the cost if you are happy with it. I love the sound of water...have a fountain outside my kitchen window myself. :) Enjoy!!!

  2. That is incredible! Def worth the cost to put it in. You will enjoy that forever. So beautiful!

  3. Hi Selina, Your fountain is so perfect! It's exactly the kind of fountain I have dreamed for in my garden. Enjoy!

  4. Gorgeous fountain Selina. And I love the view of the distant mountains from that spot :)

  5. Oh it's long as you love it just don't think about the money. :o)

  6. It's beautiful! I love it. I've loved fountains for years. Yours reminds me of a huge one in Columbia SC at a shopping center.


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