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I was so excited when Kelley, one of my readers sent me this photo.  They had emailed me earlier asking where I bought all the iron d├ęcor for my door and they used those sources to save tons of money (like I did) on their front door! 

Here is mine….

blog entry flowers and painted outlet

If anyone new would like to read the full tutorial on how to make your own Tuscan front door just click the link and it will tell you where I bought my iron.

AND since we’re on the topics of fun doors……..enjoy some of these fabulous photos!

Classic and Elegant – I LOVE the symmetrical layout and that door is so unique.

musicchick48:<br /><br />ysvoice:<br /><br />| ♕ |  country cottage entry  | posted by avdeeezyk<br /><br /> musicchick48:<br />and a lovely bluegreen door!<br />

This door is just so sweet and inviting.  I love the robins egg blue against the red bricks and greenery. 

There you have it!  I just love receiving emails of projects people have done inspired by a post of mine.  If you have any, please send them my way. Smile 

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  1. Love looking at all those pretty doors! What's nice about this blog is you give the tutorial to do the project, OR if you are like me, we can just enjoy the pictures!

  2. Your door looks amazing-Love it! You did a great job!



  3. Those doors sure would make me want to knock and see what is on the other side! Take care, Laura


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