Giveaway for Fun Family Christmas Advent Book

 OK friends, so my wonderful mother (who helped with this before and after project) actually wrote this book!  I told her I’d be delighted to review it and she said she’d be happy to give one of my readers a free copy!

A fun filled Christmas Advent Book

It’s titled “Fun Family Christmas Devotions”  Subtitle “Advent Guide for Busy Parents”  ummmm yep, that’s me!  As I am sure it’s most people, young and old…..

It has some very fun Christmas craft ideas (hey, my craftiness has to come from someone – right?) Sheep sugar cookies, and a faux gingerbread nativity (in which my daughter told me was SO MUCH FUN) are just a few. 

It even comes with a classical music Christmas CD.  (dare I tell you that I am on that CD playing violin and singing??)

Advent Book Givaway
This picture of my son cracks me up! 

A lot of the book talks about the true meaning of Christmas and that the word “Advent” actually means the coming or arrival (of the birth of the Christ-child) With the book she shows you how to easily set up an advent centerpiece and join the tradition of the church through the ages.  Of course along the way you also build family traditions and nurture faith in your children (or grandchildren’s) heart!


You can find out more information on her website Price is 19.95 + 3.00 SH (includes the CD with the book)

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Enjoy the reason for this season!

Sweet comments from last year....
I love that your mom has incorporated so much into this book, I feel as those so many family traditions are fleeing from families today, and that this book could help rekindle it. thanks for your amazing blog it is so fun to read and have a great fun filled season ahead :)

Winner was comment #5 Jeannie!  Thanks to all who entered :-)


  1. "was just thinking I needed to find an advent book the advent calendar is out and ready to use!


    very exciting!

  3. I have this book (you can leave me out of the drawing) and it is WONDERFUL! Great ideas and the music is lovely. I highly recommend!

  4. It sounds wonderful..I would love to have this to share with my grand kids!

  5. Autumn Martin11/28/12, 8:35 AM

    What a wonderful idea to write about! I belong to a small MOPS group, and I would love a copy to put in a basket to pass along to one of our moms!

  6. This would be perfect for my Granddaughters! Especially since it is written by a Grandmother.

  7. I'd like to be included in the drawing if you haven't yet done the drawing. My grandsons and their Dad need a little inspiration this year. Thank you!.

  8. This book sounds fantastic! What a talented family!


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