The Best Way to Dress Your Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Just the other day, I noticed my 5 year old's turkey masterpiece was attached with STICKERS onto my fringe.  Upon closer look this is what I saw........

High heels, hat, skimpy tanktop, mini skirt and a hand full of accessories!

I would DEFINITELY say, this is the BEST way to dress your turkey....

(Some of you who know my gourmet cooking skill may have been worried about the title of this post!  ha!  I have not a clue how to truly dress a turkey!) 

Thanks to this cute little TURKEY, I got a laugh.
(I can totally hear her now, "I'm not a turkey, I'm a little GIRL")

Can you tell she LOVES to dress up!

I am thankful for all of you, my sweet readers :-)  Enjoy your day and a have a great Thanksgiving!

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