Ideas for Computer Niche or Spaces.

Hello Friends!

Let me tell you, finding a space to hold your computer is becoming such a vital part in home design.

  When we were in the designing stages of our home, there was NO space allotted for my computer.  I just plainly stated to my husband that we had to find a spot or my lovely computer would be sitting on top of our dining room table for the rest of eternity. :-)

We honestly did not have money to add another square inch to our floor plan, so we had to figure a solution utilizing the space that was already there.

Previously, the end of that bar was just a solid wall. We were able to squeeze out just enough space to make a sliding pocket door computer niche.

It's not a perfect spot (due to the fact that the back door is right behind me!) but it sure beats the computer sitting on the dining room table for the next 50 years. ;-)  

Isn't that the cutest adjustable chair (below)  I had a different chair (pictured above) but ergonomically it was way too low and my shoulders and neck were killing me.  My husband said I had to get a chair that had adjustable height and I wasn't about to put in some big black industrial office chair there!  We splurged ($199.00) and bought it at Pottery Barn  because the chair was adjustable, small and could slide all the way under the desk; plus, we couldn't get over how well it fit in with our decor!!! ❤

AND yes, my wine is stored right about my workstation.....could it get any better??  I have to say, this space was used to it's FULLEST potential!  ;-) 

Let's look around blog land to see where others have carved out space to fit their computer areas!  Utilizing under stair space is a perfect way to either add storage or gain a computer station.

The computer is so nicely tucked in there.  Great use of space!


Obviously, these people had the space to plan a large built in area for their computer.  I love the soft green cabinets.

This nice white built in has pocket doors that can hide the entire computer area.  Very smart!

I appreciate this area designated for the computer.   I have a feeling they were in a similar predicament as I was (no more room!) but they pulled off a nice bar area specifically for computer use.  I really like the drawer added under the counter.


I love how they made this computer alcove away from the center of the home.  I think putting it in a more secluded spot would help with the fact that some of us can't stop spending time on our computers!!!  Out of site out of mind - right???  :-)

There you have it!  

Isn't that a fun collection of ideas?  If you are ever thinking of remodeling or building don't forget to keep a collection of ideas so that when the time comes, you won't have to re-invent the wheel for your own computer area.

What room do you have your computer area???

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