Valentine Heart Stained Glass Cookies!

These stained glass cookies are just too much fun not to put on my blog!  

I did a guest post over at Beckie's (Infarrently Creative) and made these into Snowmen and other Christmas shapes but today I am going to show you how to make 

Valentine Stained Glass Heart Cookies!

Make this recipe for your sugar cookie dough:

What you will need: 
(makes 12 - 15 cookies)

1 cup sugar
4 Tbsp butter
1 egg
3 Tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla 
2 1/4 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder

Crushed hard candy pieces (suckers or jolly ranchers work great)

Roll into long "snakes"

Put candies in a plastic bag and use a hammer to crush the pieces.

Layer the candies evenly inside the dough.

Doesn't that just look like so much fun!!!!!

Bake at 375° for 9 min.  Let completely cool then peel off foil.

I hope you all enjoy doing this!  Kids, teachers and friends will love the beautiful cookies. :-)

Of course, you can do this with ANY season - how about a:

Shamrock for St Patrick's Day
Easter Egg or Cross for Easter
Pumpkin or Leaves for Fall

AND here are pictures of my Christmas Stained Glass Cookies!


Fess Up Friday - My Workout Days

It's been FOREVER since I have written a Fess Up Friday post.  I suppose it's because it takes a lot of mental energy to write a post of all the dumb or odd things I have done throughout the weeks.  :-)

This particular post has to do with how my January is going.....
you know, the part of January that consist of eating better and working out more :-)

After I ridiculously (out of procrastination to start my workout) started snapping self portraits with my phone, I decided to document one of my work out mornings.

I start driving to the gym all the while thinking is there ANYTHING I need to do before I get to the gym??  When I do think of something (like depositing a check that really didn't need to be deposited that day)  I get all excited - it means I'll get to the gym a little later.

Next I park and just sit in my car thinking, I really don't feel like working out, but I'm here, I must go in.

 I check my emails on my phone, bummer, nothing new.  

Next I check my weather app - is it still below freezing all week long??  Sure is.

Outside my window

Next look over my phone calendar - I re-read the things I already knew and head into the next few months before I tell myself that looking into June is just not normal and so I quit.

I am so desperate to have a reason to stay in my car that I start taking portraits of myself with my phone.   (now that's normal - ha!) 

My thought process is I'm the only one in the family who takes pictures, so my children will never remember what I looked like in my 30's if I don't do this.  (Remember, I will do anything not to get out of my car!)

I start snapping away only to glimpse around nervously hoping no one is watching me. (This is totally why I don't write these fess up posts very often!)

OK got some really great shots - so much better than opening the car door to 12 degree weather and walking to the gym.

Finally, I truly run out of things I can do.  I mean I just took my yearly portrait to be remembered for all my 30's so I'm feeling like I accomplished a lot.

Deep breath, open the car door and start walking to the gym.

Inside the first thing I see is the breakfast and biscuits with peppered gravy.  I believe they forgot we lived in the Northwest and not the South......I don't know anyone who serves PEPPERED gravy and biscuits for breakfast here.  I would have been tempted if it read coffee and cinnamon rolls.

I begin my run, jogging around the circular track - no I do not feel like a hamster running in circles....OK, I totally do and I'm thinking WHAT am I doing??? 

I quickly decide that running is not my thing.  I've never hit that runners high in all my 30+ years and wonder why I think I'd hit it now that I am closer to 40 than 30.

I jump on the elliptical machine because that show "I didn't know I was pregnant" is on.

Oh my word, have you seen that show where they go 9 months without knowing they were pregnant and then wake up with horrible stomach cramps only to give birth!  Believe me, that keeps me entertained on that hamster wheel :-)  I am OK that I am "running" with all my might and going absolutely no where.

Finally I am done.  I get to stretch (my very favorite part of my workout) and I walk back in the freezing cold to my car.

Is it worth it?

I don't know - maybe :-)

Can someone out there relate???

Enjoy your day - hopefully this gives you a glimpse to the real me and gave you a smile :-)

~ Selina

P.S. If anyone would like to feel better about themselves, just enter Fess Up in my search bar on the right and you will see many silly "real life" posts.

Furniture and Home Decor Using Animal Hide - Creative Juices Award

I love the amazing texture that animal hide creates. (it can be faux hide too!) It's just beautiful, so when I ran across this dresser, I knew I could do a fun Creative Juices Award post on it.

Here is Vivian's BEFORE shot:

And here is her AFTER shot! 
She takes the GOLD for my Creative Juices Award!!!

Yes, that is real cow hide glued down to the front of each dresser panel and then tacked with upholstery tacks along the edges.  (obviously, she stripped and stained the old piece which was purchased off Craigslist for 25 bucks)

You can purchase cow hide remnants off eBay for a decent price.  Last time I was in IKEA they had hides there too.

Anyway, I just LOVE LOVE that dresser!!!

Look what this designer did to add texture to the room - they just draped a hide right over the coffee table.  What do you think?  Maybe it creeps you out? :-)


If you have been following me for a while you know that the photo above just makes me happy :-)

Here are a few more fun photos using animal hides. 

I love the off white neutral setting here with the brown/white cow hide and the iron chandelier   


The room below is full of fun textures and yes, an animal hide rug.  You can't go wrong with textiles that have pile or unique textures.  The designer (Ms. Howell) suggests decorating with furs, chenille, velour and wools.  (As does this designer, me :-)


And I don't want to forget my own little sheepskin addition to my living just adds some soft texture to the hardwood floors and the clay walls. :-)

And lastly, this awe inspiring piece......

What an amazing iron gate leading into this living room!  I love the wood beams, concrete floor and the  large animal rug.  


Una hermosa casa!!!

I just thought this house deserved to be flattered in Spanish....I don't speak Spanish so I'll leave it up to all you amazing bi-lingual people to translate. :-)

What do you think?  Are you inspired or completely creeped out?  

Ideas on How to Use Flavored Stevia For Healthier Lifestyle

All  of my family knows how much I enjoy and use stevia.  I like it because it is a 100% natural product (unlike aspartame, splenda, nutrasweet etc) and yes, because it isn't full of calories :-)

One of my favorite stevia company NuNaturals, just sent me a bunch of new products to try and asked if I would want to provide a giveaway for you guys.   I said, "FOR SURE!"

I thought it would be fun to do a post on how I use the products that are in the giveaway and yes, since it is January, I know we are all trying to find ways to eat healthier and cut back on those calories.  :-)

I had a very sweet and patient model.......good thing she LOVES her picture taken!  (although, she was NOT trilled that she wasn't in color)  :-)

 1.) Make your OWN natural soda!  

Natural Talking Rain with Orange NuNaturals Stevia - I also LOVE Cherry Vanilla Flavor!  See Amazon link below.

It will be 4 years this summer that I went off standard, store bought soda pop. Every once in a while I still will crave a refreshing carbonated drink so I buy the sparkling natural water (like talking rain, it's just carbonated mountain spring water) and I drop a few drops of the flavored stevia in them.  In fact, as I am writing this I am drinking an orange stevia "soda" I just made!  Completely hits the spot and I don't worry about calories or yucky chemicals!

2.) Flavor your own yogurt.

Non Fat Greek Yogurt with NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia

I buy plain yogurt in bulk from Costco and add a few drops of the NuNaturals Stevia to flavor it.  It's DELICIOUS!  My favorite flavor is the Vanilla but chocolate or lemon would also be nice.

3.) Flavor your coffee, tea or smoothies.

Mocha with NuNatruals Chocolate and Peppermint Stevia

This one is simply delicious.....try the chocolate one in your next coffee!  Or how about chocolate and  Peppermint NuStevia mixed :-)  For that matter, make your own healthy sugar free hot chocolate - just add a few drops to some steamed milk.

They have worked so hard at creating the best flavors and highest quality of stevia.  If you are someone that has previously said you don't like the aftertaste of stevia (personally, this brand hardly has an aftertaste to me) I woud try their new prebiotic stevia that is a powdered stevia mixed with Tagatose.  You can read more about Tagatose on their website but I'm very excited about it and the taste is amazing.  I found that when they mixed the two - any slight aftertaste the stevia might have had went away.

That product is probably my favorite to put on my grapefruit and oatmeal.

4.) Add it to your water or make Lemonade

Fresh Squeezed Lemon with NuStevia Prebiotic Blend

One more idea :-)  If you have a hard time gulping down plain water, just add a drop or two of the vanilla or lemon and now you have a tasty water to drink.  You can also make the BEST lemonade just squeezing fresh lemons in water sweetened with the prebiotic stevia.

*Giveaway is now closed - but come back again as I do this every few months!!*

You guys get a chance to win four bottles (one each) of their newest product one bottle of the Lemon / Orange / Peppermint NuStevia Liquids, PLUS their latest intro the CHOCOLATE STEVIA LIQUID. (oh and I get to draw FOUR winners and he said he would ship WORLDWIDE!!!)

You can also receive a discount on all orders placed on their website : .

When you get to the checkout page  enter the DISCOUNT CODE ;  BLG0613  and you will receive - 15% DISCOUNT on your entire order. This discount remains effective till  JUNE 30, 2013 . (So feel free to pin this is you want to remember a good coupon code for later.)

Online ordering customers also receive free shipping to the CONTINENTAL U. S. on all orders exceeding $35.00 after discounts.

How To Enter: 
You can enter up to 3 times with 3 separate comments if you do all below.  

First Entry:

PLEASE, become a follower of my blog if you aren't already :-)  Leave me a comment saying you just became or already are a follower. (GFC or Subscriber, see left hand side of blog)

Second Entry:

Like NuNaturals and my FB fan page!  (leave me a comment telling me you did it)

Third Entry:

Share this post via your Facebook, your blog or Pinterest. (leave me a comment telling me you did it)

Be sure to either leave your email in one of the comments, or know that I can find your email easily by clicking your link.  I'll have to go on to another winner if I can't find your email easily. :-)

I'll be using to collect 4 winning numbers on Wed. January 30th.  Good Luck!

Affiliate links :-) Thanks!

How to Make a Bedroom Feel Bigger - Unique Application of American Clay

As all of you know, I LOVE American Clay.  

I also know that not everyone can afford an entire room dedicated to the product.  One of the tricks I was taught at design school was optical illusions.  For instance, if you would like to make a small narrow room feel larger, paint just ONE narrow side a darker color.  (Not black, say just a darker taupe or even a separate color that accents the other three)

 You can manipulate the feel of a room by the colors and shades you choose.  I love using this technique in bedrooms - not only can it make a room feel larger, it creates a focal point.  (and hey, it's not as expensive!)

With this project my client wanted to add an accent wall of clay behind her bed.  She asked for something fun with lots of character to add elegance but also liven up the place.  This was not a typical application of the clay but we had a lot of fun doing it.

Plain Old Boring Bedroom Wall........ (-: BEFORE

Unique and Vibrant Bedroom Wall......AFTER

As you can see, just the back wall was accented with the darker textured color.  It created a beautiful focal point and depth!

I achieved this look by putting on a base coat of Acacia in the American Clay product Loma.  Next I put on very random trowel markings in Amber Grain.

As you can tell by looking at all my American Clay posts I enjoy pushing the artistic envelope with the product.  I believe I pulled off what the client wanted and made this bedroom something special.

I did a very similar thing with my downstairs.  It was a LARGE open spot and needed some pizzazz and a spot of interest. (Ya think brick red would do the trick!) 

It also gave the room more dimension.  You can see the full basement makeover here.

If you would like to see a more step by step tutorial of how to apply American Clay just click the link.

Enjoy my friends!

How to Make a Stenciled Painted Floor Rug - Step by Step Tutorial

Hello friends!

When Kaylene sent me a photo of a beautiful painted floor rug she just did the first thing I asked her was "Did you take pictures??!!!"  Being the awesome friend that she is she said, "Of course":-)

So thanks to her, we get this great tutorial on making your OWN painted can do this over wood or concrete.

The beautiful "rug" was actually painted over pressboard (a cheaper type of wood).  In general, pressboard should never be used as a flooring but hey, you work with what you have! (This was in an office building)

Kaylene bought latex (water based) WOOD/FLOOR paint.  Oil paint (enamel) tends to be even more durable  than water based paint, but unless you specifically buy the higher priced low/no VOC's there is a lot of offgasing (fumes) that you have to deal with. (and clean up is done with paint thinner or mineral spirits, not water!)  So the easier way to go would be to use a WOOD/FLOOR paint in latex (water based)  If you were doing this over concrete you would buy concrete paint. :-)

Also remember, the higher the gloss, the higher the durability.  It's a balance though between the look your going for and the durability. (high glass can lend itself to a more modern look)

OK on to the painted rug TUTORIAL and how to do this yourself!

1) Tape off area, push a very light layer of glaze into the side of the tape, this will "block" paint from entering under the tape line - this makes a perfect line. 

2) Prime - Kaylene used a tinted primer (not white) because the final color was saturated, but even if you are doing a very light color pattern and prime with white, it's a step you can NOT skip. 

3) First base coat - taking care to 'feather' out the sides because a black border was being applied, don't want a big blob of a line under the black - two light coats. I made little 'tick' marks at the 6" line around the edge to know how far my paint needed to go into the black border. Allow to dry.

4) Find center - make a small tick mark. Center stencil on the tick mark and level with the border - measure twice, or three times. Use painters tape to lightly secure the stencil. 

5) Using next color with excess paint off the roller (so, not sopping like you would painting a wall), roll over the stencil, taking care not to go past the edge of the stencil itself. Lift quickly from bottom to top. Using the 'windows' provided from the stencil, lay to the right or left and continue. This is where it begins to get messy - when laying it on top of itself, paint gets on the underside, try to use your best judgement of placing the stencil back on wet paint to reduce the mess it creates. Allow first layer to dry completely.

6) Tape off 6" border - push a very light layer of the turquoise under to prevent spreading of black.

7) Paint one light layer of black.

8) Apply additional color to stencil. If wanting to use an additional color, one can either do the two colors at one time, taking great time to carefully (with a sponge cut to size - cheap way - or stenciling tools) apply the design the way one wants it. Otherwise, after the first layer is dry, come through with the second color (the pink in this case).

The stencils were from royal stencil

7) Clean up edges with a new angle brush... tedious and perhaps a slightly lost cause on this type of surface, but I must have it as clean as it can be!

8) Second layer of black, peal off tape immediately, while wet so there's no ripping of the semi-gloss latex.

9) Finish the second color of stencil (pink) around the edges that were under the tape.

10) LASTLY seal with two coats of polyurethane!! 


It sure turns this "boring" office room into something exciting!  Personally, her work always blows me away :-)  Do you think you would try it in your home?  Here are a few extra homey examples of painted wood floors to enjoy.

Decor Pad

Photo by Michael Skott

wide open spaces

Painted wood floors can add so much character to a home. Be inspired and like always, send me your photos if you give it a shot!

How to Arrange a Wall Art Collage. {plates, photos or accessories!}

I thought this post might be a fun collection of ideas on how to arrange wall art or even what to put on a wall!  So many ideas are out there with plates, photos and accessories.....

Personally I ADORE doing a plate collage on my walls.  It is visually entertaining and can really be inexpensive!  Ross and other discount home décor stores sell gorgeous plates for $2-$4 each.  The collection below is from my home, and each plate was collected from a thrift store!  I may have spent 8 bucks for the entire collection.

You can check out the post on how to make a FREE plate hanger!!!

Think up a theme you enjoy (colors or an item of inspiration) and start collecting whenever you see a good deal.  Once you have a nice collection infront of you, place them on the floor and see if you have enough to make a fun wall collage!

Rhoda from Southern Hospitality has a GREAT example of a wall art collection.  You can tell she just likes to have fun and enjoys life.  She comes up with the best design ideas and is a big time thrifty shopper!  (my kind of gal) Here is her wall with a bunch of collected thrifty items!

This picture below from Pottery Barn is lots of fun with the black and white on top of a light robins egg blue wall.  Also the three dimensional bird nest adds just a spark of texture to the wall.  Love it!


For those looking at the pictures saying,  I could never figure out how to put all my stuff together and make it look “right” Sarah from Thrifty Décor Chick (also one of my first blog subscriptions!) did a great post on How to Decorate Your mantle.  It will really help with understanding how to accomplish that “designer” look for your wall or mantle.

You can also read my post on how to decorate the top of your cabinets. It lists some tried and true rules for proper accessory placement.

blog top of china hutch decorating idea

Green Door Design actually cut out a silhouette of each item she had to place on her wall  on paper first, then she tacked them up on the wall and arranged them  before she nailed anything up. 

I liked her idea until I saw another where the person actually placed wax paper over the entire gallery laid out on the floor how she wanted it and then placed the paper on the wall to set up her collage.  I've tried it now MANY times and I can't tell you how amazing it works.  I will use that technique for the rest of my life :-)

My FAVORTE method for hanging up a wall gallery!

blog gallery wall side profile

Hope this has inspired your Creative Juices!

Has anyone else tried the wax paper technique or the paperclip plate hangers?  :-)

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