Fess Up Friday - My Workout Days

It's been FOREVER since I have written a Fess Up Friday post.  I suppose it's because it takes a lot of mental energy to write a post of all the dumb or odd things I have done throughout the weeks.  :-)

This particular post has to do with how my January is going.....
you know, the part of January that consist of eating better and working out more :-)

After I ridiculously (out of procrastination to start my workout) started snapping self portraits with my phone, I decided to document one of my work out mornings.

I start driving to the gym all the while thinking is there ANYTHING I need to do before I get to the gym??  When I do think of something (like depositing a check that really didn't need to be deposited that day)  I get all excited - it means I'll get to the gym a little later.

Next I park and just sit in my car thinking, I really don't feel like working out, but I'm here, I must go in.

 I check my emails on my phone, bummer, nothing new.  

Next I check my weather app - is it still below freezing all week long??  Sure is.

Outside my window

Next look over my phone calendar - I re-read the things I already knew and head into the next few months before I tell myself that looking into June is just not normal and so I quit.

I am so desperate to have a reason to stay in my car that I start taking portraits of myself with my phone.   (now that's normal - ha!) 

My thought process is I'm the only one in the family who takes pictures, so my children will never remember what I looked like in my 30's if I don't do this.  (Remember, I will do anything not to get out of my car!)

I start snapping away only to glimpse around nervously hoping no one is watching me. (This is totally why I don't write these fess up posts very often!)

OK got some really great shots - so much better than opening the car door to 12 degree weather and walking to the gym.

Finally, I truly run out of things I can do.  I mean I just took my yearly portrait to be remembered for all my 30's so I'm feeling like I accomplished a lot.

Deep breath, open the car door and start walking to the gym.

Inside the first thing I see is the breakfast menu.......coffee and biscuits with peppered gravy.  I believe they forgot we lived in the Northwest and not the South......I don't know anyone who serves PEPPERED gravy and biscuits for breakfast here.  I would have been tempted if it read coffee and cinnamon rolls.

I begin my run, jogging around the circular track - no I do not feel like a hamster running in circles....OK, I totally do and I'm thinking WHAT am I doing??? 

I quickly decide that running is not my thing.  I've never hit that runners high in all my 30+ years and wonder why I think I'd hit it now that I am closer to 40 than 30.

I jump on the elliptical machine because that show "I didn't know I was pregnant" is on.

Oh my word, have you seen that show where they go 9 months without knowing they were pregnant and then wake up with horrible stomach cramps only to give birth!  Believe me, that keeps me entertained on that hamster wheel :-)  I am OK that I am "running" with all my might and going absolutely no where.

Finally I am done.  I get to stretch (my very favorite part of my workout) and I walk back in the freezing cold to my car.

Is it worth it?

I don't know - maybe :-)

Can someone out there relate???

Enjoy your day - hopefully this gives you a glimpse to the real me and gave you a smile :-)

~ Selina

P.S. If anyone would like to feel better about themselves, just enter Fess Up in my search bar on the right and you will see many silly "real life" posts.


  1. Oh my gosh I totally relate, except I usually find reasons to not even get close to getting in the car - I will use anything as an excuse, even laundry and dishes! So glad I am not the only one!

  2. You have made my day Selina because my fess up is that you did the work now I can stay home. So funny especially the last picture. Your inside the car photos are really great. Come sweat it out with us from 1-2:45 then to the Hub from 3-6, I know you want to.
    Letha vjlr8@msn.com

  3. Oh my word, I so totally understand! How many errands can I run before going to the Y and then, oops, it is Lizzie's naptime. Well I guess I have to get back home!

  4. Selina you are too cute.

  5. Loving your Fess Up Fridays!


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