Furniture and Home Decor Using Animal Hide - Creative Juices Award

I love the amazing texture that animal hide creates. (it can be faux hide too!) It's just beautiful, so when I ran across this dresser, I knew I could do a fun Creative Juices Award post on it.

Here is Vivian's BEFORE shot:

And here is her AFTER shot! 
She takes the GOLD for my Creative Juices Award!!!

Yes, that is real cow hide glued down to the front of each dresser panel and then tacked with upholstery tacks along the edges.  (obviously, she stripped and stained the old piece which was purchased off Craigslist for 25 bucks)

You can purchase cow hide remnants off eBay for a decent price.  Last time I was in IKEA they had hides there too.

Anyway, I just LOVE LOVE that dresser!!!

Look what this designer did to add texture to the room - they just draped a hide right over the coffee table.  What do you think?  Maybe it creeps you out? :-)


If you have been following me for a while you know that the photo above just makes me happy :-)

Here are a few more fun photos using animal hides. 

I love the off white neutral setting here with the brown/white cow hide and the iron chandelier   


The room below is full of fun textures and yes, an animal hide rug.  You can't go wrong with textiles that have pile or unique textures.  The designer (Ms. Howell) suggests decorating with furs, chenille, velour and wools.  (As does this designer, me :-)


And I don't want to forget my own little sheepskin addition to my living just adds some soft texture to the hardwood floors and the clay walls. :-)

And lastly, this awe inspiring piece......

What an amazing iron gate leading into this living room!  I love the wood beams, concrete floor and the  large animal rug.  


Una hermosa casa!!!

I just thought this house deserved to be flattered in Spanish....I don't speak Spanish so I'll leave it up to all you amazing bi-lingual people to translate. :-)

What do you think?  Are you inspired or completely creeped out?  

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