How to Arrange a Wall Art Collage. {plates, photos or accessories!}

I thought this post might be a fun collection of ideas on how to arrange wall art or even what to put on a wall!  So many ideas are out there with plates, photos and accessories.....

Personally I ADORE doing a plate collage on my walls.  It is visually entertaining and can really be inexpensive!  Ross and other discount home décor stores sell gorgeous plates for $2-$4 each.  The collection below is from my home, and each plate was collected from a thrift store!  I may have spent 8 bucks for the entire collection.

You can check out the post on how to make a FREE plate hanger!!!

Think up a theme you enjoy (colors or an item of inspiration) and start collecting whenever you see a good deal.  Once you have a nice collection infront of you, place them on the floor and see if you have enough to make a fun wall collage!

Rhoda from Southern Hospitality has a GREAT example of a wall art collection.  You can tell she just likes to have fun and enjoys life.  She comes up with the best design ideas and is a big time thrifty shopper!  (my kind of gal) Here is her wall with a bunch of collected thrifty items!

This picture below from Pottery Barn is lots of fun with the black and white on top of a light robins egg blue wall.  Also the three dimensional bird nest adds just a spark of texture to the wall.  Love it!


For those looking at the pictures saying,  I could never figure out how to put all my stuff together and make it look “right” Sarah from Thrifty Décor Chick (also one of my first blog subscriptions!) did a great post on How to Decorate Your mantle.  It will really help with understanding how to accomplish that “designer” look for your wall or mantle.

You can also read my post on how to decorate the top of your cabinets. It lists some tried and true rules for proper accessory placement.

blog top of china hutch decorating idea

Green Door Design actually cut out a silhouette of each item she had to place on her wall  on paper first, then she tacked them up on the wall and arranged them  before she nailed anything up. 

I liked her idea until I saw another where the person actually placed wax paper over the entire gallery laid out on the floor how she wanted it and then placed the paper on the wall to set up her collage.  I've tried it now MANY times and I can't tell you how amazing it works.  I will use that technique for the rest of my life :-)

My FAVORTE method for hanging up a wall gallery!

blog gallery wall side profile

Hope this has inspired your Creative Juices!

Has anyone else tried the wax paper technique or the paperclip plate hangers?  :-)


  1. The collection looks great - and very thrifty!

  2. It was very helpful! I've wanted to attempt a photo gallery for some time but just didn't know where to start. I love the idea of the wax paper!

  3. I love hanging collections up together on a wall, so uh better than a million little pictures everywhere.

  4. Great! Thanks for the updates. Looking forward for more


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