Ideas on How to Decorate Your Decor with Vintage Books

My two favorite ways to decorate and add personality to a home VERY inexpensively is by hanging plates, or setting up a pretty vignette with old vintage books.

The best place to find BOTH of these items for under a buck is at the thrift store.  I know that Etsy and eBay also offer "lots" of old books so you can always check there too.

I picked up these maroon encyclopedias for .50 cents a piece.  I move them around to different locations when I'm getting the decorating itch :-)

I thought for this version of my Creative Juices Award I would show you beautiful vignettes  with ideas on decorating with vintage books.  

Wrapping jute rope or raffia around a collection of books is a great way to add substance to your book collection and make it a focal piece on your dresser, mantel or console table.

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How about using books on your table to make a centerpiece!  It's a great way to add height to something you love.


I personally love books on coffee tables.  I found that a lot of times, it really makes guests feel comfortable.  If they want to sit down and flip through a picture book they relax and do it.


AND if you're some one who has a TON of books and your not quite sure what to do with them - how about these ideas? ;-)

Fill up a non working fireplace with cool old books!


I love how artsy this whole wall collection looks.  The books just add a classic and yet eclectic flair to the room.

Via Domino

There you have it!!  Did you get any good ideas from this post?  Where do you put your old books?  Leave me a comment with any other ideas! creativejuicesdecor


  1. I like the centerpiece idea to add height. I have a coffee table in my living room right now with a lonely coffee table book on it. Guess I should add a few more in a stack like this one to make it prettier!

  2. Good ideas! Like you, I'm a book lover, and, like you, I like to use them in innovative ways. One you didn't show, one you probably didn't think of nor would consider if you did, is using books to raise the level of a nightstand. Mattresses are so much taller nowadays it's hard to find a vintage table to suit so I simply stacked books on top of one I already had, varying size and direction, then added a tray atop all that. It was supposed to be temporary until I refinished a table that fits but it's been in use for more than a year now. Wonder when I'll stop considering it temporary?


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