~ Decorating Around Driftwood and the Sea~

I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little antsy for SUMMER!  I want to see the sunshine and the blue seas sparkling :-)

How about this beautiful picture?  Wouldn't it be nice to be there RIGHT NOW!


I have always loved the idea of decorating around drift wood and the sea.  As you know, my grandparents have lived up in the San Juan Islands for most of my childhood.  I have the best memories up there and just steps away from their home is the beach with tons of driftwood!

Right on my grandparents property!  Does it get any prettier?

I love how Pottery Barn just stuck a piece of driftwood above the child's bed and decorated around it! Easy enough and pretty much FREE!

How about this beautiful summery beach scene just painted on old wood.  That would look so great in a beach themed kids room over a bed too!

Aimee Weaver

How about the next time you head to the beach, collect a few pieces for a basket (as long as it's OK to do that on the beach you're at!)  Wire baskets have so much character and you can usually find them on  eBay, or other fun home decor stores or antique shops.


I also love sailboats and maps - look how thy used maps as wallpaper!  

The closest I have decorated with maps and boat scenes is in my son's "Explorer" themed room.

For those that would like to see my step by step Canvas Map Tutorial just click on over!
It's by far the most popular post on my blog with over 40,000 views - wow.

As for the fun floating glass balls and sea shells......that came from my Opa up in the San Juans. :-)

Any one else excited for summer??!!  Anyone else want to start collecting driftwood and seashells?!  

Here's to getting our Creative Juices Stirred!!!



  1. I love all your pictures and loved seeing the map art you made for your son's room. I'd not seen it before!!
    I have something beachy/nautical in almost every room in my house. I love anything that involves the ocean, so I love surrounding myself with it..it makes me happy.
    I wish our beaches had more driftwood..we have NONE. Our beaches are powder white and I'm not complaining, but it would be nice to be able to collect a few pieces of driftwood from time to time as I think its such a beautiful natural piece of art.

  2. Beautiful pictures and lovely inspiration... I love the beach and the idea of decorating with driftwood! Thanks for the inspiration!


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