Don't Waste Another Penny - Tips for Saving BIG on Kids Clothes!

Hello my friends!  (Mothers, Grandmas, and all clothes buyers!)

I just thought a post that lists great resources on how to buy kids clothes as inexpensively as possible would be fun.

I'll document the day I just had at the thrift store, and then I'll add some tips at the end for buying clothes at substantially discounted prices.  For those thinking you can only find worn out, out of date clothing in thrift stores- think again!

Almost ALL my kids clothes are from thrift stores and they look cute ;-)

Thrift store boots, eBay $10.00  dress (including shipping)  Jacket was a gift.

You see, people spend a LOT of money buying name brand clothes for their kids but they grow out of them SO FAST and most of those clothes end up at a thrift store.  So, why spend tons of money every year when you can buy name brand clothing and shop like this!!

Here is my last trip to the local thrift store.  It was their weekly 50% off day.  I only had 30 min and this is what I got for less than $35.00.

Getting ready for SUMMER!

Son age 9

SIX awesome summer shorts and 2 Hurley T-shirts.

Daughter age 12

Adorable Gap Jeans and Gap uniform shorts.

I love the details!

My youngest age 5

Gymboree shorts and Levi skinny jeans.

Oh and I found a few cute skirts for of them from Patagonia.  (which would have cost at least 40 bucks - they are pricey!!)

All that in 30 minutes!

I bought 23 items for 32.33 (that averages $1.40 a piece)

I hope I've inspired a few of you to hit up the thrift store before you spend your hard earned money at Gymboree and Gap.  Even if you don't find a ton of things the first time, check back to the store twice a month (that's what I try to do). You'll hit a good day like the one above, I promise! :-)

Oh and  get this!!  I bought the wedding dress below for 19.95 at the thrift store!  Believe me, if one of my girls choose to use it I'd be saving thousands!

I had to try it on for fun - I thought it was so pretty!  Shoot, for 20 bucks it could even be a Halloween or play costume!

Thrifty Shopping Tips:

Thrift Stores
Be sure and ask ahead if they do weekly specials and it doesn't hurt to ask when they open and get there early.  If you become friendly with the staff, ask what day they put out their new clothing items.

Consignment Stores:
They have lots of name brand clothes for great prices (not thrift store prices, but still good!)

Discounted Retail stores:
Ross (Tuesdays 10% senior discount)
TJ Maxx
Kohls – awesome end of season sales – 90% off if willing to save for next season
Target – check for 75% off clothing racks (children and adults)

Old Navy – they have 2 big end of season sales which are unbelievable.  They are usually in August and January.  They won’t tell you when so you have to call during those months.  It is 50% off the 50% off.

eBay – for great deals go to “advanced search” check mark “time ending soonest” enter in name brand and catch something that is about to end in a bid for a good deal.  
Facebook "swap and shop" for your local area is also a great way to buy kids clothes.

Always Google for a promo code when you shop online.  Example- I was buying at and saw they had a space for a promo code – I googled promo code for and saved 20% off my entire order.  

Sign up for  – if you wait for the good sales you can save 60 – 75% off and sometimes even get free shipping on top of that.  Just keep your eyes out!  Up to three gift boxes are given to you free – they are so cute – just be sure and mark that you want them.

Here's to saving some money!



  1. To me, it's always about buying comfort and quality. That way it won't fall apart, and they can even grow into it. And if possible, I try to buy American! I have three girls, and this is one of their favorite online stores. Here's the link, if anyone is interested.

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