How to Decorate With Your Collections

I have to say, I do love collections.  They can turn something that would be very hard to decorate with singularly, into something that looks spectacular and demands attention.

Just look how Pottery Barn decorated this bedroom with a collection of vintage hand held mirrors!  It really adds character to the room.

I've had my share of collections, probably my favorite is tea cups.  I have a lot of unique ones and come tea party time, it's always fun to pull out the sets!  

As you guy know, I've also collected old plates at thrift stores and have set up this plate collection in my powder room.  That post comes with a great tutorial how to hang your plates for free!

And who doesn't come home with tons of sea shells after vacationing on the beach?  

I love this idea by Cheryl.  She used an old printer tray and filled it with her shells.  She made such a great vignette by pairing it with other beach themed prints.

Beachcomber Simply Living

Another easy collection is FRAMES.  They can be SO CHEAP at the thrift store.  It doens't matter what color they come in originally because you can just spray paint them any color you want.  

Lastly, I want to show you what my friend Laura did with her collection of old vintage items.

Finding Home

Of course, this post could go on and on!  Other collections are 


Don't give up on your collections!  The more you can collect, the easier it is to make a statement.  

Till the next inspiration hits!


  1. Love the ideas....the sea shells are way too cute! I am a clock-oholic!!! I do have them grouped together and just love it. I am a collector of lots of stuff, and dust seems to be the main thing that I can really say I collect....;)

    1. You are too reminds me of that hilarious ecard that says:

      My house is NOT messy. I just have everything on display, y'know, like a museum....

      I love that! Enjoy the rest of the day Diane!

  2. Lots of great decor ideas. The mirrors are unique, we might have to try that! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I really like the teacup display you have pictured! Where did you find something like that?

    1. Hi Allie, you know, sometimes I have found things like that at antique stores or thrift stores....just keep your eye out. If all else fails, hire a carpenter to make you a simple one. It sure is pretty!


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