Decorating With a Monochromatic Color Scheme - Rustic Chic Style

My friend Lynda (who did the amazing faux painted carriage doors) sent me this gorgeous photo and  I immediately knew what my next post would be about!

Rustic Chic Home Decor in Monochromatic Colors!

I absolutely love the picture below.  Did you notice that they mix the old (salvaged barn wood) with the new (sparkly chandelier) along with a monochramatic color sceme?  

They call this design style RUSTIC CHIC or FARMHOUSE CHIC.  


To get the look of Rustic Chic you generally decorate with salvaged/reclaimed wood along with natural elements (think nature or greenery) and then add a few more modern or glam pieces and there you have it!   In general, it is very monochromatic except for the green accents created by nature.

Can you spot in this picture the old mixed in with the new?  This time the natural elements are wooden sticks and antlers!

Restoration Hardware

And who wouldn't love a barn door added to their TV armoire?  :-)

This is still quite monochromatic but it picks up a little muted green and burgundy.  That color combination is just so soothing - I suppose that is why I have used them throughout my own home.

Designed by Mac Free via Houzz

And lastly - how about this fantastic Rustic Chic family room with a tiny bit of industrial thrown in to the mix. :-)

What do you think of this design style???  Is the monochromatic too bland for you?  Do you feel you would need to add a big splash of red or turquoise?  I'd love to know your thoughts!

* I'm definitely in love *


  1. Wow, especially that first picture was a dazzler. I would need some color somewhere. What would you suggest, that wouldn't detract from the splendor of what's already there?

    1. Well, you could use any color but whatever color you choose to bring into the design should be very muted (greyed down) You can NOT go wrong with a moss green :-) adding throw blankets or any other accent in a muted green would be spectacular. Of course, adding a lot of greenery really can brighten up an area with lively green! Also a muted burgandy seems to play very nicely with the Rustic Chic, more monochromatic designs. Hope that helps!! (so muted green or burgandy, maybe even a grey blue would be my choices)

    2. Wow, that last photo w/ coffee table that looks like a crate. . . I cut that out of a magazine several years ago because I loved it so much . As I recall the base was some kind of chicken cage. . .

  2. What a great post! I love monochromatic and I love that last coffee table that looks like a crate. Lynda

    1. Well thank you Lynda! I know, that coffee table is wonderful. I just love that whole design style....thanks again for the inspiration :-)

  3. oh wow, I love that color scheme!


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