How To Use Barnwood To Create a Room Full of Character

Barnwood Barnwood Barnwood.  

I honestly think I could never get tired of it.

Barnwood or any salvaged wood has so much TEXTURE and creates such interest in a space that it seems wherever and however you use it, you can't go wrong.  

Just look at the eye candy below.

This lovely room casually put the barnwood along ONE accent wall.  Notice how the greenery breaks up all the monochromatic colors in the room.

Barnwood beams are quite popular.  I really enjoyed how this couple used the old barnwood but then updated it with some modern touches too.  It keeps you guessing and wanting to see the rest of the home!   Never be afraid of being ECLECTIC!  Mixing textures and design styles can create a room with character and interest.

A lot of this bedroom below has a modern spin, but then the salvaged pine wood adds an instant age factor to the room.  Now that I see it with the textured pine, I can't imagine it looking better any other way!  Such a simple add and only on the upper half of the wall.  Don't you think this could be doable in your own home?  A little summer project ;-)


How about using barnwood for a simple built in?  OK, I'll admit, it was the chandelier in this photo that really grabbed my attention!  But once again, it's a great example of mixing OLD with NEW and completely pulling it off.

Lastly, I just wanted to show how SIMPLE it can be to add some barnwood in your OWN home.  These people just applied it in the entry between two rooms!  I bet it is strictly decorative (not structural) but I just love the added character it gives to the space.

There you have it!!!  Hopefully it got your Creative Juices going!  Till the next inspiration hits :-)

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