Sweet and Salty - A Mother's Day Surprise

Just a funny little post to make you smile on this Mother's Day!  

Would it be silly if I said I hope all you mothers out there are relaxing??  :-)

This was my surprise Mother's Day cake, decorated at our local grocery store and then secretly decorated more at home by my 5 year old.

This is what I see (and a surprise it was!)

How about a little closer.....

Yes, those are goldfish crackers....salty goldfish floating on the top of my sweet tasting Mother's Day cake :-)

I'm thinking there is a trend going on with my daughters taste buds......what do you think?

Or how about this on our last getaway trip?

Yes she stuck salty potato chips in her chocolate ice cream cone!

Oh how I love five year olds :-)  And especially 5 year olds that love a good sweet and salty combo!


(And a special thanks to my mother who put up with a lot more than her kids changing taste buds!  Love you mom.)


  1. Oh that is too funny! I love a salty sweet combo but the goldfish in the cake really takes it to a new level. Tehe.



  2. Really cute!! And, your daughter is beautiful! Lynda


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