Curly Willow and Wooden Tables - Turning Lemons into Lemonade

This post comes with a story......

The,  How I Turned Lemons into Lemonade story :-)

One day we had a big wind storm.

Not only did I wake up to find my patio table SHATTERED I also realized the wind knocked over both of our curly willow trees!

Can you imagine my frustration cleaning up all that shattered glass?!

And my beautiful curly willow trees blown over! ):

So my wheels got to turning about the table......I didn't really like glass anyway (and let me tell you, a replacement piece of glass was the price of a new table!)

So how about WOOD!  Yes, we have a friend who works with wood, I'll ask him if he could inset a wooden top.

Oh my word!!! So much nicer!!!!

Now for that curly willow.  I LOVE LOVE curly willow and I was NOT about to just throw out the entire tree because it blew over.

My thought was, how about potting it!

YES!  Potting it worked great!  I just put it in a bucket and poured mixed cement in the bucket.  I really only needed to fill it up 1/3 of the way because cement is SO HEAVY and I could hardly lift it with how much I used!

Once the cement hardened I moved it into a pot and covered the top with moss.

So...... you want to see it in our new house??

What do you think!?

The table below turns into a fire pit if we want to roast marshmallows or just enjoy a fire.

It looks as if we ALL know how to relax in this family!  :-)  

So before you decide to throw out a blown over tree or give up on a glass table top - think again!!

  Maybe you can re purpose it and enjoy it even MORE than you did previously?




  1. I know this is an old post, but my husband just came inside and informed me our patio table glass shattered from the cold. I've been telling him since November to bring it inside. :-( I LOVE what you're friend did with this table. I wish he could make me an insert. I'm going to give it a try. What tool did he use for the beveled edges? Thanks! Awesome post!

  2. Hi Jeanine! First off, sorry about your table (I was so bummed when I walked out and saw the shattered glass!) my friend is a carpenter so he had every tool imaginable but I don't think making a wood top would be very hard. If you really need the name of the tool, I am sure I could find out.....just email me at Glad you found the post though!


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