Kid Friendly Backyards to Make You Smile

Being that it's "that time of year" I have been seeing all kinds of fun landscape and backyard ideas.  

When I saw this chess game embedded into a landscape I knew I would have a fun time writing up a post about unique and beautiful backyards.


You could also make this into a hop scotch pattern or even tic tac toe!  This couple from Virginia said the grand kids just LOVE this garden area!

This was GREAT - The owners obviously made the best use with their sloped backyard landscape and turned it into multi level play area!  People are so resourceful and creative.

Now who said you had to do the traditional hammock?  How about a HAMMOCK BED!  This is a brilliant idea!  

Seriously, can you just imagine softly swinging enjoying the glow of a warm summer evening!?  

This is similar to the chess idea,  but this family used the pattern to add interest to their landscape.  It almost makes the area feel whimsical!  I can just imagine the white bunny from Alice in Wonderland slipping away down that path :-)

There is so much ambiance you can add to a backyard by incorporating landscape lighting also!
Look into that as you create the landscape of your dreams :-)

I'm still working on my OWN backyard - it might resemble one of the photos above in 20 years but for now, I'll just take it one step at a time :-)  Photos to come!



  1. I love the chess and checkers ideas. Great post! Lynda

  2. These are lovely backyards. Are you on Pinterest? Lots of lovely ideas on there. Would be happy to follow your boards if you are. I get all my inspiration for future dream projects. LOL! I'm


    1. Yes!! I have a pinterest board....I believe the pinterest sign on the left hand side if you click it will take you right to my board but here it is :-)

      I have one labeled Creative Juices Decor but I use my personal one the most.....I started with it and I have just now I have 2 :-)

      I just followed you my friend!


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