Gorgeous Backyard Firepits

When I think about a great backyard, it always includes a smoky fire pit.  

It doesn't have to be glamorous like most the photos I show, just a pit where friends and family can circle around to roast an occasional hot dog or s'mores.

Something as simple as this would be tons of fun!

Or make your own DIY fire pit!

Rugged Life

For those of you who enjoy the inspirational Eye Candy backyards with glamorous fire pits here are a few I love!

I have such a thing for symmetric landscapes - I loved the feel of this outdoor fire pit surrounded by the green pillows and dots of hot pink flowers.


This backyard fire pit by DaisyMaeBelle is so glamorized by those lovely hanging lights!  The DIY pathway leading out to it is such a sweet idea too.

Ah!  More beautiful string lights with a sunken in fire pit.  

This has to be the most serene setting ever!

Just one other photo - my OWN backyard with string patio/pergola lights.  Check out the post if you want to know where I found the best deal on String Patio Lights!

Anyone planning on building a fire pit this year?

Hope you are enjoying your summer!!


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Adding String Patio Lights To the Pergola - Glamorizing Part II

Hey Friends!

I am SOOOO excited about this next addition to Glamorizing the Pergola!

I kid you not, I spent around 4 hours researching and finding the BEST deal on the NICEST looking good quality patio string lights.

You would think it wouldn't be that hard to find a good set but it was, and here's why.

 I wanted a BLACK wire and nearly everything black was uber commercial and cost a FORTUNE!  Most all the normal DIY homeowner patio lights came on a green wire string.

I came so close to giving in and just purchasing the green wire set (wouldn't you after 4 hours!) but I finally found this company called Novelty Lights that fit my every requirement:

  • Black Wire
  • Not astronomically priced
  • Top quality (as in I could leave them up all year if I choose)
  • Came in smaller sections that could be strung together
  • Just plain cool looking!

And this is just an extra, but the people working there were VERY helpful and it shipped right away.

Anyway......back to the GLAMORIZING! :-)

Here is the view right outside my back door.

Up close the bulbs are just fantastic - they have an old industrial look.....

Looking straight on toward the house.

~ Side view ~

Now for those that are thinking of building a new home, one of the things we did to be ready for these lights is put an outlet on a switch right at the top of the pergola......just some simple planning ahead.

And for those that already have a pergola built and want lights but didn't plan ahead, don't worry,  you can just use extension cords.

I have also seen SOLAR powered patio string lights AND battery operated string lights. 

Somehow, if you have always wanted to have patio lights - you can find a way!


Save yourself 4 hours and trust me, if you want black wire, commercial quality, industrial looking, shorter string optioned patio lights - BUY THESE (No, the company isn't paying me to say that!)  Well if you DO want to support me and this blog, you can purchase them through the above Amazon link and Amazon does give me a small kickback.  It's tiny but hey, every bit helps keep the blog up and running!

You can check out Glamorizing the Pergola part ONE by clicking the link!

UPDATE picture:  I just added VINES to the pergola.......in a few years I hope it looks like a luscious outdoor paradise:-)

I hope I helped YOU guys and stirred some of your Creative Juices for your next outdoor project :-)  Feel free to PIN this and save it for reference.  

 SEE COMMENTS as some great questions have been asked and might be the same question as you had.  :-)

Here are the wire staples I used to hang the lights on the pergola.  I just lightly hammered them in - they worked GREAT!

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My Favorite Kitchen Designs Using Kitchen Eating Nooks

One of my most pinned photos is this traditional style kitchen eating nook.

People love the idea of incorporating a table right off the kitchen counter - like a bar, only a FULL table!  I agree, I mean we are ALWAYS using the kitchen bar as an eating surface!  Not only that but what a space saving idea too!

Elle Decor

So today's post is going to be a collection of kitchen nooks for all to enjoy!  

If you are thinking about building a home - I think this would be a great addition :-)

Have I mentioned that Coral is my new favorite color!!!  And Coral is favorite sister's name....ok I only have one sister but I do love her ;-)

Better Homes and Garden

The eating nook below is so adorable!  It would be perfect for empty nesters that in general only have to deal with 2 people eating.  I love the natural feel of the white and berber with a little burgundy thrown in.

Better Homes and Garden

Now this set is funky and very eclectic.  I do enjoy that she throws in a splash of yellow in the other wise very monochromatic setting.

lettered cottage

This one isn't off the back side of the counter but it's so pretty, I had to add it :-)

I love a soft painted yellow, it makes everything look so happy.

Better Home and Garden

There you have it!  

What do you think?  Do you already have a kitchen nook and love it?  Do you not love it?  Hey, we need to know these things! ;-)

It's a Small World Nursery Theme - World Map on Canvas

If you can't tell by now, I LOVE it when readers send me photos of the things they made inspired by my blog.

The latest couple to email me photos was Paul & Karissa.  

They used the theme "It's a Small World" for their son's nursery.  

They picked the "small world" theme because of their love of Disneyland and world travel: in their 13 years of marriage they have traveled to over 30 countries together and in the last 9 years living in Southern California had Disneyland annual passes and went a total of 150 times!!! 

Here they are in the process of hanging it on the wall - isn't the flag boarder on the a map perfect addition to the Small World theme!

Now all put together....

And the complete nursery!!!!

Here was Karissa's insider tips on how she made her version of my Map on Canvas.

"It was actually quite a battle to avoid wrinkling or tearing our thin, non-laminated Goodwill map that's been in the closet for ages.  Our solution was to gently wet down the back of the paper before attaching it to the canvas.  After all that, we decided NOT to age it, preferring the nice clean blue look.  Our contribution, though, was transforming the "flags of the world" section that was at the bottom into a border that goes all the way around. Thank you for your inspiration!"

So for anyone else out there - you can click over to see a complete step by step tutorial on how to make your own map on canvas.  

Send me a picture if you decide to make one!  Thanks Karissa and Paul :-)

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