Summer Camping Trips!

How has your summer been?  

Has it gone as fast for you as it has for me?  SHOOT, I can't believe summer has gone by so fast!!!!

We have been camping a LOT so I thought I would update you with some of the fun photos from our trips.

Oh yes, this is my daughter and she's a character!

We stayed twice at the nicest campground near Sandpoint, Idaho called Riley Creek.

The kids pretty much had three activity options:




OK, OK, we made a fish feast one night out of the 25 small perch they caught.  It was seriously delicious!

The beach there was just unbelievable for us Idahodians (yes yes, I know you Florida people are just laughing at our rocky brown sand "paradise"!)

I spent HOURS doing absolutely NOTHING and loved every second of it :-)

My only "stress" was keeping my PALE skinned children from getting BURNED.  Oh well, the Little Mermaid below seemed to enjoy the beach more than all of the other children combined.  

We were lucky enough to get to go up with the cousins for one of the trips.  Mom can relax that much more when mom doesn't have to be the one entertaining them all the time - ya know what I mean!

There you have it!  I hope you guys enjoy seeing some of my real life :-)  One more Labor Day camping adventure and we are DONE for the summer!  Another school year a comin' up!

Are you guys ready for summer to be over???

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