~Sunny Summer Yellow: Paint and Decor~

There is something wonderful about the color yellow.  And since we're in the peak of summer over here I thought what better than to do a post that will brighten our day! (literally!)

My friend Ann from On Sutton Place made the most adorable yellow rain boot vases to place by her front door.

Doesn't that just make you smile?

The boots along with the robins egg nest in her front door wreath :-)

What about livening up a grey room with yellow accents!  This nursery is amazing!

Young House Love

Would you be so bold as to paint your front door yellow?  If my house looked as cute as that, I sure would!

Apartment Therapy

You thought a front door might be bold - what about your entire house!  Now that's Sunny!

Dear Daisy Cottage

I can't forget some LOVELY grandfather clocks that were painted yellow!  

My Lovely Things

And Cassity's clock she MADE and painted yellow - I love it!

Oh look, she has the same yellow pok-a-dot boots as Ann!


More yellow boots!!!!  Maybe I ought to get a pair ;-)  Yellow really does just add some sunshine!


There you have it!  Some decor to brighten your day.  Did you get any ideas for your own home?

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  1. I love every one of your photos, because I love yellow. Lynda

    1. Doesn't it just make you smile! Hope you are enjoying the rest of this sunny yellow summer :-)


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