My Favorite FALL Recipes - How to Use Up Apples, Cherries and Pumpkin


I can hardly believe it!
(This was yesterday,  once again, striking a pose for her first day of school shot! :-)

I hope you all had a fantastic summer.

Some of my long time readers will remember me saying that this summer I was going to focus on my health, getting in shape and being outside more.  (hence the lower occurrence posts June - August)

Let me tell you, I DID!  I learned how to eat right, lift weights and run ;-)  It was a HUGE learning curb but after TONS of studying and applying my new knowledge I am down 24 lbs!

This was the program I followed:


I bought the dress below for $3.00 from the thrift store - hee,hee!


But now, I can focus more on the blog and get back to my regular weekly postings. (-:

 Of course, I'll continue with my workouts, but it's just a habit now and I don't have to spend hours trying to figure it all out. :-)  And no, I'm not starting up a fitness blog too - Ha!  ONE blog is plenty for me!

One of the things I did learn this summer is eating enough calories is VERY important.......(don't ever go on any starvation diets they just shut down your metabolism!) The best way to balance the great food you eat is with exercise.  (I wish I could tell you it was a magic pill!)

In keeping in with the food theme, I wanted to highlight some of my own favorite FALL recipes.

You might be surprised, but you do this all in a crockpot - SO EASY!  If you have a pear or apple tree, you HAVE to make this!!!!!!  

Yes, this has a secret ingredient that I promise will make this soup A MA ZING!

This is a HUGE hit in my family and has over 6,000 page views!

Another secret way to make this taste LIKE NO OTHER!  I promise, read the comments even!

You will NOT be disappointed!

I have made this too many times to count.  Have I ever mentioned I LOVE crockpot cooking? :-)

OK OK, I'm going to leave you with an amazing and easy desert that well, probably won't get you down 20 lbs BUT hey, everything in moderation is OK - right!

This is so simple (unlike a traditional apple pie with homemade crust) maybe this is the reason it has over 3,000 page views.

ENJOY my friends!!!  Here's to a wonderful Fall season.

OH, and for those who subscribe to my blog via Feedburner, I apologize for the 12 post email sent to you!  Unfortunately, the technical side of blogging is not my friend (insert a sad, crying avatar face here) If it happens again, I will try to figure out what in the world is going on.  Just know, I wasn't trying to send out 12 posts in one email!  Horrible!! :-)


  1. I love the fireplace in the Tuscan home. It would make me very happy if I could find out the deminisions of the fireplace. Please

    1. sally, the fireplace mantel is 6' wide and it is 6' tall from the floor to the top of the mantel. Hope that helps!


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