Decorating With Real or Painted Birch Trees.

There is something so beautiful about a tree bark that is white, orange and peeling!  
Enter, the BIRCH TREE.

If you remember, last year I had a landscape friend that collected birch wood for me while he was cleaning up a site.  I ended up stacking it by my fireplace and by the front door.  What an easy way to add a rustic, warm and woodsy feel to a home.

Here it is just stacked by my front door.  EASY!

I also have stacked it in a's a fun different look.

When I ran across this birch bed, I knew I'd have to do another birch post!  I love the natural monochromatic feel of this bedroom.  (and then a pretty little dash of pink in the flowers!)

I have also thought, painting birch trees as an accent would be a very nice addition to any home.  Here are a few examples:

I know this is more a cherry tree than a birch, but I still loved it :-)

House and Home

Or how about stenciling on some birch trees to the front of a dresser?

What do you think of this birch coffee table? I think I would have stained the bottom wood piece a nice deep mahogany color but it's a pretty fun item of furniture.  Better Homes and Garden has a full tutorial on how to make one yourself - it even didn't look too hard!

There you have it!  Lots of great birch ideas.  

Next time you talk to your landscape friend, ask them to save you a few logs!

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