Landscape in the Fall - My Vision

Hello lovely readers!  I just got back from a vacation with my hubby.  He has been working so hard all summer long (like almost EVERY weekend!) so we decided to do a little getaway to Mexico!

It was AMAZING!  Just what the dr. ordered :-)

So, sorry there was a little gap in my regular postings.....but I had promised earlier that when fall hit, I would take a picture of the beginning of our new landscape.  I'm SO happy we got a FEW trees planted this year.  We are going to just take it ONE step at a time.  (Can you believe it's already been almost 2 years since this house was built!) 

Landscaping your yard is EXPENSIVE!  Shoot!  We have a lot of deer in our yard too so keeping them off the newly planted stuff is always fun - ha!

I did buy two cute little blueberry bushes for $2.99 at the grocery store the other day.  Landscaping a yard works just like an investment - the sooner you get them in the ground the better!  It takes FOREVER for them to grow or in regards to the little bushes, to produce fruit!  I am supposed to wait two years (prune off any fruit flowers they might produce) before I let them have an opportunity to give me some blueberries.  And at the size I got, we may be looking at even more years LOL!

Vintage Garden Gal

I also read that feeding your blueberry bushes coffee grinds are fantastic!  If you live in a condo or apartment, blueberry bushes also grow well in large pots.....just be sure and get two different blueberry varieties, it helps them grow better and have a more abundant crop.

I would LOVE LOVE to have some raspberry bushes too, I just need to figure out where to put them.

AND, my dream is to have a few apple trees, a plum tree and maybe a pear and peach tree.  Is there anything better than picking fruit from your own back yard?

The house we rented for 5 years had a pear tree and every year I would make this EASY crockpot Pear Butter and give it away to teachers and friends for the holidays.  It's hard to justify buying the amount of pears or apples you need to make the "butter" because they condense SOOOOO much!

Anyway, I had mentioned earlier, that when all the trees were turning color I was going to take a shot of them to show you guys.  We only bought trees for our front yard.  Bushes barking or rocking the area will probably be next year.  The year after that?  I'm hoping the backyard trees which will include my much wanted fruit trees!

Look what the deer did to my left geranium plant! She actually walked UP MY STEPS to my front porch and chewed off every flower.  I thought deer didn't like geraniums so I googled it and they said a hungry deer will eat just about anything......SIGH.  Oh well

Did any of you grow up with fruit trees?  Any tips for me?  Do you like the area designated for trees barked or rocked?  I'm new to all this fun landscape stuff and need all the tips I can get for Spring:-)


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