Using Graphic Letters in Home Decor and Fun Christmas Cards

Using letters in decor has always been a great way to add a custom touch to your home.

Isn't this Christmas mantel sweet using the decoupaged "O Come" letters!  Of course, you guys know I love the old door used on top of the mantel too! (Anything old = full of character to me!)

the house of belonging

Making your own letter decor is EASY!

All you need to do is buy some plain letters at your home craft store, draw an outline of them on top of ANY fun scrapbook paper and then use mod podge (a glue/water type mixture) to decoupage (attach) them onto the letters - SIMPLE!

OR try using FABRIC (and ribbon) to decoupage letters too!  You can see this full fabric letter decoupage tutorial on another post of mine.

If you are very ambitious, make your OWN letters out of wood or metal!

 I like how BOLD this lettering sure makes a statement in that home!
(along with the acrylic moon seat LOL)

JULEP Blog (photo by Seth Smoot)

What about putting your last name initial on your Christmas wreath?   It really makes the wreath stand apart and personalizes it!

Creative Ideas for You

Talking about Christmas.....

Tell me, is this not the BEST CHRISTMAS CARD EVER!  Just makes me laugh!

And on a serious note..... :-)

I LOVE this Christmas Card!

I know it requires some photoshop knowledge but just capture a good picture of your family on a sled and away you go!

Minted, a custom Christmas card company gave me some credit to use on their all I have to do is collect some pictures and make the card! (Simpler said than done - hahahaha!)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend friends!!!

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  1. You have very good idea to Using Graphic Letters in Home Decor for Christmas card. I also used this on my best blanket to give my name alphabet.


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