~ Summer Is A Commin ~

Hello my wonderful blog readers!  

Can you believe next week is JUNE??!!  

I am soooooo looking forward to sunshine, little mini vacations and getting OUT of the "normal routine."

Like always, I am coming up with new "hobbies" or seasons in my life and this summer I have decided to focus on a new hobby of getting in shape :-)

Unfortunately, getting that slim physique isn't associated with blogging for hours - BUMMER!

So I just wanted to update you that this summer I will be blogging a little less and outside more. :-)

I'll still be posting, just not as frequently.  If you are anything like me, there is SO MUCH to read from everyone anyway, that getting a fun post once a week is almost better than the ones that post daily??? (I could be wrong, but that is how I feel) 

Don't worry though, come September when I get back into that school routine, my plan is to jump right back in and write my normal 2 + posts a week.  

Maybe if I'm BOLD enough, I'll even do a before and after picture of what can happen when you put your time into weight lifting instead of computer typing - hee, hee!  (Anyone who knows me realizes that probably isn't going to happen!)

Have a great relaxing summer my friends - here's to spending quality time with all your loved ones and to new hobbies!

Decorating With a Monochromatic Color Scheme - Rustic Chic Style

My friend Lynda (who did the amazing faux painted carriage doors) sent me this gorgeous photo and  I immediately knew what my next post would be about!

Rustic Chic Home Decor in Monochromatic Colors!

I absolutely love the picture below.  Did you notice that they mix the old (salvaged barn wood) with the new (sparkly chandelier) along with a monochramatic color sceme?  

They call this design style RUSTIC CHIC or FARMHOUSE CHIC.  

via glasshousedesign.net

To get the look of Rustic Chic you generally decorate with salvaged/reclaimed wood along with natural elements (think nature or greenery) and then add a few more modern or glam pieces and there you have it!   In general, it is very monochromatic except for the green accents created by nature.

Can you spot in this picture the old mixed in with the new?  This time the natural elements are wooden sticks and antlers!

Restoration Hardware

And who wouldn't love a barn door added to their TV armoire?  :-)

This is still quite monochromatic but it picks up a little muted green and burgundy.  That color combination is just so soothing - I suppose that is why I have used them throughout my own home.

Designed by Mac Free via Houzz

And lastly - how about this fantastic Rustic Chic family room with a tiny bit of industrial thrown in to the mix. :-)

What do you think of this design style???  Is the monochromatic too bland for you?  Do you feel you would need to add a big splash of red or turquoise?  I'd love to know your thoughts!

* I'm definitely in love *

Antique your Furniture with Lace Stencils - Guest Post

I'd like to introduce Eva, she asked if she could do a guest post for me. :-)

I love introducing new people who would like to show their own DIY project to BlogLand.  If anyone would like to send me their idea we can discuss it and schedule a guest post for YOUR next DIY project!  

Eva wanted to show you guys how to add some character to a project using LACE as a stencil.  I'll share a few of my favorite stenciled pieces before getting to her tutorial.

I have had this saved on my For the Home Pinterest Board forever!  I can't get over how she used one of those rubber mats from the Home Improvement store, laid it over some stained boards and spray painted cream paint on top!!!  SO EASY and beautiful, I LOVE IT!!!

Lemon Tree Creations

I also wanted to mention I found a site that does not only custom stencils but has a great collection of mylar stencils you could use to turn any project into a work of art!

And since I already introduced her, I'll let Eva take over from here!

A couple days ago I tackled my first (mini) carpentry project and built myself a night stand from some beautiful cedar scrap wood from my local hardware store.  I asked the staff at the hardware store to use their power saw to cut these scraps into usable pieces, bought a pack of nails and used my hatchet as a hammer.  I decided to take it a step further to add some flair to my new piece.  I picked out a spray paint color that I thought would go well with the motif and went to town.  

In this post I will show you how to antique wood furniture pieces you may have around the house that could use some love.  Vintage is all the rage right!  If you’d like to construct your own nightstand all you need are a little math, creativity and $6.  


Tarp or old newspapers
Spray paint
Fine sandpaper
Masking or painters tape
Fabric or paper (to shield your furniture piece from over spray)

How To:

1.     Evaluate your furniture piece.  Do you want to use a large piece of lace to cover an entire panel, or do just a complimentary piece of a panel?  This will determine how big your lace needs to be.  I decided to do a simple complimentary strip.  I didn’t want to make the night stand too busy because it could clash with the objects I actually want to put on my nightstand.  Sometimes less is more.

2.     Prep the area you’re working with by cleaning it.

3.     Place the piece of lace on the area.

4.     Use tape to hold the lace down, but more importantly shield the areas that could get over spray that you don’t want (newspaper works well).  This is important because the project could get sloppy without it.  Make sure that all areas that could accidentally get hit while spraying are covered. 

5.     The biggest key to this project is your spray paint technique.  I’ll give you an important hint: resist the desire to keep spray painting one area that you want to perfect.  This is very hard for me, I want to finish one area before moving on to another.  You don’t want to do this because the spray paint will keep getting more wet and will drip and expand losing your crisp lines.  Lightly spray one swipe with a continuous swinging motion of your hand, move on to another, and so on.  Wait a few minutes for the first coat to dry and then you can go back to areas that need touching up.  This technique goes for spraying over lace (what I call modern day batiking) or regular spray painting.

6.     Let dry and remove tape and over spray materials.  

7.     Grab your sand paper and rub around the edges until you get the desired antique look. Voila!

      The sky is the limit for spray paint and a little piece of lace.  Keeping these two simple and small materials around the house can provide limitless fun and creative license.

Thank you Eva for sharing your DIY lace nightstand with us - I'm sure it will stir our Creative Juices for one of our next projects!
      Author Biography: This DIY project has been provided by Shop4 Furniture, that is a reliable online source for traditional and contemporary furniture products including bedroom furniture, living room furniture, home office furniture, dining room furniture, sofas & chairs and many other home furnishings. Follow Shop 4 Furniture on facebook

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