Painting a Room in Gray - Picking the Perfect Color

In general, I have always leaned towards painting a room in warm beige tones.

For those of you that are familiar with my own home design, you will recall it is filled with warm beige walls.    

Even though I personally learn towards the beige tones, love it or hate it, there's no denying that gray has come into the design world to replace beige as the new "It" neutral.   I have to admit, the more I see gray used, the more I like it!

My last two design clients have wanted to paint their interior gray.  I ALWAYS recommend painting test strips so you can see a larger swatch and how the time of day effects the paint color.

If you are worried about painting the room and having it look like Seattle ;-)  just be sure to choose one that has a warm undertone. (a red, instead of a cold blue base)  I can get away with talking about Seattle looking DREARY because I lived there for 20 years :-)  (Yes, you can click the link to see all the places I have lived and how I enjoyed each one.)

This client chose Gray Matters by Sherwin Williams - it was very nice and had a warm undertone.

The client above was the same client that I just finished the American Clay application for.  So far, there is not ANY American Clay color I haven't loved, but seeing the clay in a gray tone instead of a warm, familiar beige tone was surprisingly beautiful.

Chesapeake Bay American Clay (with a bit of snow canyon mixed in too)

Here is a list of some of my favorite gray paint colors to get you started.  It can be intimidating trying to find the perfect gray for your home interior.  /-:  (and that's why I'm here to help!)

Rockport Gray

Sherry from YHL describes: Rockport Gray is an awesome moody gray tone with some mocha in it. I love how it’s both warm and cool and since it’s darker than the more airy greige tones, it feels more smoky and sophisticated – and really pops with white trim. We used it in our bedroom.

Next gray paint is Revere Pewter.  It is the #1 searched for on Benjamin Moore's website.  It is such a classic gray and goes with just about anything.

Benjamin Moore

My other client choose Litchfield Gray by Sherwin Williams.
Another gray that goes with just about anything.  It has just a hint of warmth.....very nice.

And like always, it's fun to see a little eye candy of others using the color gray even in furniture! I LOVE it when I see gray mixed with a bright and bold color like the samples below.

Gray with RED accents.

A Girl and a Brush

How about gray with YELLOW accents!

Or a little girls room done in gray with PINK accents (super sweet!)

Project Nursery

And lastly, gray stripes with bright turquoise accents.

What are your thoughts on the Oh-So-Popular color gray trend?

Still prefer beige or head over heels about the latest "it" neutral? :-)

Or maybe you are like me, and love BOTH!


  1. Both! I have always been the beige/gold girl myself but I'm digging the grey and thinking I should give it a whirl!


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