Under Stairs Storage Ideas - From Bathrooms to Bookshelves!

Hi Friends!

I know there are a lot of people who are building homes and wondering how they could best use the empty space under their stairs.  

So with this post, I compiled a BUNCH of fun ideas for you. :-)

I love the craftsman/coastal feel of this home below. By adding glass doors with a grid, it made this storage area a perfect addition to their home decor.  It was a great way to make the most out of the empty stair space.


If you have a large enough space - why not use the area under the stairs for a guest bathroom.  

And if all else fails :-)  Turn the space into a little reading nook.  So cozy!

southern living

One thing that often gets missed when buying a new home (or building one) is a space for the pets.  If you have a dog like mine, you can understand the frustration of continually having to step over your sleeping pet as they plop down right in the middle of a high traffic area. /-:

Using the extra stair space for a pet area is a GREAT idea!


And if you ever need to sell your home and the people looking didn't have any pets - just tell them it's a hideout for the kids.  :-)  Honestly, what kid wouldn't love a space like that!  All they need is a flashlight and a good imagination for hours of spy like fun. 

In my new home, we don't have any extra stair space but I did think through where we could put the dog bowls.  I knew there was some extra wall space off the kid cubby area so we did a little built in dog dish area.  It's been PERFECT, I no longer worry about kicking or tripping over the dog dishes.  (I now just trip over and kick the DOG when he's sleeping!) 

These next few pictures have a lot of my favorite elements - dark wood and black iron.  I love the idea of a wine rack built into the extra stair space.   

Manning Marable

In my own home, we took the empty space by the kitchen bar and turned it into a computer area with a wine rack above.  Yes, that is where I sit every day typing blog posts and emailing.  It's now stocked with lots of wine in case I need a drink....which is often. :-) 

I LOVE this staircase and what a great idea to build little drawers and bookshelves into the side.  I'm sure the extra storage in this smaller size kitchen is much appreciated.

The home below happens to be Reese Witherspoon's home.  What a fantastic idea to make an arch cut out under the stairs to form a small office space.  Simply beautiful.

live journal

Another classic idea is to turn the area under the stairs into a bookshelf.  

You can't go wrong with adding drawers for extra storage space!  


I like this idea because it is simple.  The stair space was left open and the homeowners added a desk and chair.  Simple yet very efficient.  

And this last idea is gorgeous.  Now a days, more than ever before, having a small space for our laptops is a must!  This space is perfect and they really put it to great use.


I hope you guys have enjoyed looking through this post and marking it for your future home or fun ideas on your current home!

Have a great weekend!

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